Do not underestimate the importance of a good cover letter as it is your first written communication to a prospective employer.

A cover letter for administrative assistant position contains information of your relevant skills, experiences and potential.

A well-formatted cover letter distinguishes you by enticing the hiring manager to read your enclosed resume and consider your job application. It is an excellent opportunity to move your application on the top of the pile.


• Indicate clearly that you are interested in working for a specific organization as an Administrative Assistant.

• Mention the source and reference number of job if possible.

• Explain what kind of skills and abilities you could bring to the prospective company.

• Customize your letter in accordance with the needs of prospective employer.

• Opening sentence of your letter must be eye-grabbing as hiring managers scrutinize several applications rapidly.

• Length of your letter must not go beyond one page containing three to four paragraphs.

• Leave sufficient white space between paragraphs.

• Write simple words and short sentences to make it reader friendly.

• Check for typos and grammatical errors before sending.

Take a look at the following samples to craft a perfect cover letter for administrative assistant resume.


Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample 1



Sara Wilson

65 Lakewood Street, Los Angeles, CA 96541
(000) 584-8545 | sara @ email . com

August 1, 2017

Ms. Anna Doe
Human Resources Manager
Star Shipping Corporation
88 Albert Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 93147

Re: Administrative Assistant Position (Ref # 3221)

Dear Ms. Doe:

Clerical expertise, problem solving and great attention to detail. These are few of many attributes that I have developed through my work in different administrative capacities for over 7 years. Utilizing these talents and a successful track record, I would like to make contributions to the success of your team in the role of Administrative Assistant.

I am the best fit for this position because of my following qualifications:

• Documented success in typing and distributing correspondence, maintaining office files, taking minutes of meetings, managing repair and maintenance tasks, and making travel arrangements.

• Demonstrated ability to maintain records and files in a confidential and timely manner.

• Actively greets and helps visitors, and takes and directs phone calls appropriately.

I am known to resolve complex problems and disputes. My exceptional communication skills and calm nature enables me to handle difficult situations and irate clients effectively.

An extensive listing of my skills and abilities are featured in my resume. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you for an interview to discuss the results you can expect from me as your Administrative Assistant. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


Sincere regards,


Sara Wilson

(000) 145-3233



Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Sample 2



Remo Hernandes
58 North York Street
Detroit, MI 54211
(000) 482-9250
remo @ email . com

August 1, 2017

Mr. Henry Dermot
Manager Human Resources
Benchmark Inc.
12 Fullerton Avenue
Detroit, MI 63939


Dear Mr. Dermot:

As an accomplished Administrative Assistant with 9-plus-year track record, I believe that I posses the right expertise and skill-set that your company is looking for.

I am accustomed to a multicultural environment where hard work is the norm. I enjoy taking new challenges every day. As an active problem-solver and an extremely organized individual, I successfully handled telephone calls, managed calendars, made travel arrangements, took minutes of meetings and performed record-keeping duties.

At my previous workplace, I have been recognized as a true multi-tasker. Since I possess a friendly personality, working in a team environment is easy for me. My positive attitude overcomes any detrimental waves that come in the way of my accomplishments.

Please review the attached resume and contact me if you need further information. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to meeting with you in person.




Remo Hernandes

(000) 525-3296