Medical Administrative Assistant Skills for Resume

Updated on: September 3, 2019

A medical administrative assistant’s work is considered highly important in a medical facility. Most medical administrative assistants are scrutinized heavily before they are hired.

The hiring manager will want to know if the candidate is skilled in both the technological and clerical areas of the work.

As far as skills for a medical administrative assistant go, one has to be very particular, especially when mentioning them on a resume.

In this role, it will matter immensely if you know the work inside out, and can effectively carry out the work that is assigned to you.

Knowledge of handling patient inflow and scheduling must be highlighted. Equally important to focus on is your ability to assist patients in filling out intake forms, and acquiring and handling insurance coverage information.

It is important to realize that skills as a medical administrative assistant must be spot on with the hiring manager’s needs, which is why looking through the job description is very important.

Some sample skills for a medical administrative assistant resume are provided here for your benefit:

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Medical Administrative Assistant Skills for Resume

• Highly experienced in welcoming patients and inquiring into their purpose of visit

• Effectively able to interview patients in order to acquire case histories

• Exceptionally well-versed in scheduling appointments over the telephone, in person, and through email

• Deeply familiar with following up on scheduled appointments

• Talented in updating and maintaining patients’ records in the facility systems

• Proven ability to process insurance claims in accordance with regulations

• Solid track record of effectively using medical software in order to process transactions

• Skilled in responding to patients’ inquiries about medical treatments and processes

• Competent in compiling medical records and charts according to specified skills

• Qualified to verify insurance coverage, and assist the billing department with processing claims

• Deep familiarity with assisting patients with rescheduling appointments

• Proficient in following up with lab personnel in order to obtain test results

• Adept at communicating test results information to patients

• In-depth knowledge of transcribing treatment notes in sync with set protocols and procedures

• Expert in overseeing medical and office supplies inventory, and communicating low stock situations to facility managers

• Highly skilled in creating and maintaining effective liaison with insurance companies in order to ensure quick claims management

• Unmatched ability to arrange for patient hospitalization, in both emergency and non-emergency situations

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