Administrative Assistant Job Description for Resume

April 3, 2019

Administrative assistants have a lot on their plate where office work is concerned.

They may work in the corporate sectors, government agencies, legal offices, clinics, hospitals, universities, and schools. They are everywhere because the need for them is evident in all kinds of settings.


Position Overview

What does an administrative assistant do? A lot – to be honest! 

They provide both administrative support to offices so that all operations within are run efficiently. It may include scheduling appointments, planning and executing conferences, taking minutes of meetings and maintaining daily accounting.

The essence of an administrative assistant’s job is to assist the executives in everyday tasks.

Another critical part of an administrative assistant’s job is to perform research work. It is especially true in legal offices where casework is involved.

Additionally, they receive visitors and provide information, prepare correspondences, route mail, arrange conference calls and train clerical staff. Since the work list of this position is quite endless, administrative assistants are sometimes required to work actively to manage account procedures – running spreadsheets, budgeting and managing expenses is an integral part of their job on a higher level.

Required Skills

To be able to do justice to an administrative assistant’s job honestly, one must possess specific characteristics.

These include excellent communication and organizational skills, exceptional time management acumen and being computer savvy. Their role may be deemed administrative, but it involves a lot of managerial tasks.

Administrative assistants need to be able to use Excel and databases to process and manage the information that they possess. Customer service orientation is a big plus point for this position as they need to be in touch with customers constantly, visitors, patients, and external agencies.

If you are thinking of applying as an administrative assistant, you need to put the relevant job description statements on your resume. For your assistance, here are some sample statements for the employment section of your resume.


Job Description and Duties for Administrative Assistant Resume

• Organize and provide documents, reports, and information to department and external clients in a useful and well-organized manner

• Create and maintain active files

• Schedule travel, coordinate with the travel agency to obtain the best possible trip and prepare travel expense reports accordingly

• Plan meetings and conference calls and arrange and manage meetings

• Take and compile minutes of the meeting

• Initiate purchase requisitions

• Order office supplies and equipment

• Maintain files and folders

• Maintain weekly schedules for employees

• Handle and screen telephone calls, regular mail and reallocate as required

• Train and supervise casual and clerical staff

• Process client orders, invoices, and payments

• Perform basic bookkeeping activities

• Create and maintain database records

• Manage front office operations

• Liaise with local authorities and vendors

• Manage and keep calendars

• Plan and organize meetings and events

• Track and process annual fixed asset inventory

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