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Updated on March 20, 2018

The key to writing a winning dental administrative assistant resume is to make sure that all sections possess the correct information, highlighted adequately.

That is especially true of the skills section, which provides hiring managers with vital information about an individual’s abilities and competencies. Since work prowess is what makes you a good candidate to hire, skills information are essential to putting on a resume.

How are skills best displayed on the resume?

It is something that we need to concentrate on highly. When you write your skills, your aim should be to let the hiring manager know all that you can do for him or her in a professional capacity.

It means that the skills section needs to be written in a manner which is acceptable to a hiring manager. Reading long accounts of how great you are is not something that they look forward to.

But short bullet points of your abilities will be welcomed by them.

Opt to write skills statements that are true, make sense, and are in sync with the job description of the position for which you are applying. Since this is where a hiring manager will decide if he wants to hire you, you have to make sure that your skills statements are reliable and informational.

Here are some dental administrative assistant sample skills statements that a can place on his or her resume:

Sample Skills for Dental Administrative Assistant Resume

• Highly experienced in managing the day to day operations of a busy dental practice.

• Skilled in maintaining a professional reception area, and organizing patient education materials.

• Effectively able to check patients in by following practice protocol, and ensuring that their information is verified and updated.

• Demonstrated expertise in scheduling patient appointments, and ensuring that proper follow up is carried out.

• Exceptionally talented in making follow-up appointments, and providing patients with reminders to ensure that they attend their appointments.

• Proven ability to gather and accurately record patients’ information, including demographics and insurance coverage.

• Track record of effectively creating and maintain liaison with insurance companies, to verify coverage information, and expedite claim payments.

• Competent in preparing financial treatment plans, and presenting plan options to patients, at the end of their appointments.

• Qualified to file patient information accurately, and track cases and referrals to and from other doctors.

• Well-versed in ensuring that records are securely stored, and handled in compliance with the practice’s policies and protocols.

• Deeply familiar with monitoring inventory, and creating and maintaining relationships with vendors to ensure timely delivery of dental and office supplies.

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