Administrative Assistant Technical Skills List for Resume

Updated on: July 26, 2020

Because of technological advancement and extreme competition in any work environment, it is essential to be technically savvy. Believe it or not, in your resume or at an interview, you will be expected to provide information regarding your technical skills.

While you may argue that you are applying for an administrative assistant’s position (for instance) and do not necessarily need to be technology savvy, you will be asked to perform many of your tasks in a technologically challenging environment.

You will need to use computers to type correspondence, make spreadsheets, and handle records management systems. While all this may be done without the use of technology, it will take much longer and may not be as accurate as a company will want it to be.

To be honest, the need for technical skills in an administrative role depends on where you work or what your job description is.

However, if you do possess them, it is a positive trait as you will be considered over other candidates who may not own them at all or have limited technical skills.

Are you wondering what technical skills can be listed on a resume for an administrative assistant’s position? Read on to find out!

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Sample Technical Skills for Administrative Assistant Resume

• Demonstrated ability to use Microsoft Office applications

• Knowledge of creating and managing spreadsheets

• Skilled at researching online information for providing support to different departments

• Able to repair minor faults in office machines, printers, and scanners

• Unique ability to prepare and present seminars using PowerPoint and multimedia tools

• Knowledge of creating and working with databases using Microsoft Access

• Exceptional understanding of mail merges, macros, and pivot tables

• Excellent know-how of Google Docs, Drive and Calendar

• Particularly useful skills in graphics manipulation software such as Photoshop

• Adept at using social media to create and maintain the company’s presence

• Knowledge of using Dropbox, Salesforce and Raisers Edge

• Proficient in using the Internet. Email and search engines

• Firsthand experience in resolving minor troubleshooting issues on personal computers and laptops

• Profound knowledge of converting paper data into a computerized form, keeping integrity intact

• Exceptional understanding of using data entry software and performing data entry tasks with accuracy and precision

• Ability to handle and interpret complex accounting data using various accounting software

• Capable of calculating mathematical functions to provide support for different budget documents

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