List of Skills for a Legal Administrative Assistant Resume

Updated on: March 23, 2021

It is true that experience counts a lot when potential employers sit down to decide a candidate’s employment future at their company.

However, Legal Administrative Assistant skills are as valuable as experience is (in some instances, it is more important) as it tells the employer what you could do for them as opposed to what you have done for another company in the past.

Besides, skills may be more critical in entry-level jobs – after all, a candidate has to rely solely on skills to do a specific task if he is applying for a first job.

Building up a skills-based resume for a Legal Administrative Assistant position is highly underestimated with many people not bothering to list down their related skills and expertise.

There are so many points that one can write in the skills section to make a potential employer sit up and take notice.

Of course, you need to be very careful about what you list down as a skill since you may be tested on it during an interview!

To understand in more detail how you can list your skills in a legal administrative assistant resume, have a look at the skills list below:

Sample Skills for Legal Administrative Assistant Resume

• Comprehensive knowledge of the judicial system and its working.

• Adept at handling administrative tasks in a legal environment.

• Solid knowledge of legal terminology and its practical use in correspondence and conversation.

• Demonstrated ability to understand legal jargon and transcribe dictated legal material with accuracy.

• Exceptional research capabilities aimed at researching precedents and other case information relevant to a particular case.

• Excellent knowledge of handling trial preparations and docketing.

• Solid background in handling electronic filing systems.

• Unique ability to provide ongoing support to attorneys with a considerable array of practice areas.

• Strong interpersonal and communication skills aimed at interviewing clients and witnesses and documenting evidence.

• Knowledge of handling cases keeping priorities in mind.

• Thorough understanding of a variety of forms and documents of legal nature.

• Proven ability to prepare legal correspondence efficiently.

• Skilled in manipulating multiple sources of data to create legal information packs.

• Demonstrated expertise in organizing a professionally maintained office environment.

• Expert in computer technology used in everyday office work such as MS Office Suite and handling and managing printers and scanners.

• Proven background in new hire orientation, guidance, and induction into legal activities.

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