6 Accounting Internship Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: August 29, 2022
How to Win an Accounting Intern Interview?

Using appropriate language and self-confidence are two critical factors to winning accounting internship interviews.

When you use the right sentences and show confidence, the interviewer pays attention to you.

Especially if you appear for a first-ever interview, these two things are important.

As far as actual preparation goes, here is a set of interview questions and answers that you can look through:

6 Possible Interview Questions and Answers for Accounting Internship

1. Why are you looking for an accounting internship?

I have excellent book knowledge about accounting procedures and processes. I believe that an internship will give me great insight into how the real thing works. An actual accounts assistant position is my next step, as soon as I prepare myself for it with this internship.

2. Why should we hire you as an accounting intern?

I believe that I am well-suited to be given this internship opportunity as I possess deep insight into both standard and complex accounting systems and procedures. Since I have volunteered services at my college’s accounts office, I will be contributing even at this stage. Specifically, I am familiar with reconciling general ledger accounts, month-end closings, compliance management procedures, and rolling forward balance sheet accounts.

3. How do you feel about being given odd jobs to do, such as photocopying and scanning, even if you are hired as an accounting intern?

I have no problems performing clerical duties. An internship isn’t about learning just one particular area of the company. Even small things like faxing and photocopying teach individuals professional etiquette and ethics.

4. What do you believe your duties will be if you were hired as an accounting intern at our company?

As the job description in your advertisement charts out, an accounting intern at your organization will be responsible for providing support in various areas, including cash applications and collections, profit analysis, costing and pricing, month-end closings, preparation of cost status and summary reports, and handling tax returns and audits.

5. How would you react if you were reprimanded because a job that was entrusted to you was not performed according to standards?

If I have not done something entrusted to me as I was instructed to do so, I would of course not mind being reprimanded. I would listen to my supervisor and ensure that the next time a task is given to me, I do not mess it up!

6. How important is accuracy and organization to you?

Both accuracy and organization are the basis of an accounting job. And both of them are very important to me, as, without either, you cannot expect to handle an accounts-related task.


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