6 Dental Front Office Receptionist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: December 10, 2021

Interviews are perhaps the most important meetings that you will ever have in your life.

Regardless of which dental office position you are trying to obtain, preparation is essential.

One particular tip that we can provide you here is to never shy away from asking an interviewer to explain or elaborate on a question that he or she has asked.

It is better to ask for clarification than to provide an incorrect answer because you didn’t understand the question correctly.

For an interview for a dental front office receptionist position, here is a set that you can use to prepare for:

Dental Front Office Receptionist Interview Questions and Answers

1. How are you qualified to work as a dental front office receptionist at our facility?

I have had extensive experience in working as a receptionist at a dental facility – 5 years to be exact. I have a pleasant attitude which makes it easy for patients and their families to open up to me, and I can handle patient registrations and scheduling appropriately – sometimes even simultaneously. Also, I am well-versed in maintaining dental equipment and supplies.

2. Do you think communication skills are essential while working as a dental office receptionist? Why or why not?

Communication skills are foremost while working as a dental office receptionist. This is because everything depends on how well you communicate with patients and families, and of course, insurance companies and vendors, with whom you have to remain in contact for the most part of the shift. Communication skills are also important to provide education to patients regarding dental procedures.

3. On a typical day, what are your specific duties as a receptionist in a dental office?

On any typical workday, I am responsible for greeting patients and families, providing them with information on dental procedures and costs, scheduling appointments in person and over the telephone, performing follow-up duties, and ensuring that all supplies and equipment that dental professionals will need are available and in proper working order. Furthermore, I make sure that patients’ records are maintained properly and insurance information is verified, and arrange patient charts for the day.

4. Do you find the work taxing?

I don’t. There are times when the going gets tough, usually after a long holiday such as Christmas, but then I am always well-prepared for events such as these. I am an organized individual and do not think of work as merely something that needs to be done. Hence, I don’t find the work challenging or taxing in the least.

5. What do you consider your greatest achievement as a dental office receptionist so far?

The most challenging thing for a dental front office receptionist to do is to handle insurance liaisons. Following up on claims or even verifying patient insurance information can seem like an impossible job at times. Recently, I managed to create and maintain an active liaison with all major insurance companies in the state, which made it easier to extract information. Now that I have this system in place, it gives me more time to handle other pressing issues. This liaison with over 52 insurance companies is perhaps my most significant achievement.

6. How do you ensure patient confidentiality?

I take the confidentiality of patient information and records very seriously. I have systems in place that ensure that no document is ever leaked or information provided to unauthorized individuals.

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