Top 26 Accounting Internship Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: October 2, 2020
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The career objective statement is very important part of your resume or CV because it shows the hiring manager that you are the perfect candidate for the accounting internship position, even if you are just starting out.

How to Write a Great Objective for Accounting Intern Position?

If you want to make an attractive objective statement, then you will have to show that you are a proactive individual who can handle accounting procedures even with the book knowledge that you have is very important.

Show your enthusiasm to contribute to the company’s mission while learning on the job. See the following 26 samples to get more ideas.

26 Career Objectives for Accounting Internship

1. Seeking a position as an Accounting Intern at Skylinx, offering inherent interest in analyzing financial and accounting data, to help the managers make important corporate decisions.

2. To work as an Accounting Intern for ABC. Leveraging an excellent academic background in accounting and finance to provide assistance in documenting financial transactions, ensure prompt data management.

3. Highly skilled individual, with a solid interest in working as an Accounting Intern at Amazon. Bringing well-positioned knowledge of accounts management, and reconciliation to the table. Able to secure financial information, and present it in a professional manner to achieve the company’s vision.

4. Detail-oriented Accounting graduate with strong problem-solving skills, seeking employment with XYZ Company to help the company meet its finance and accounting goals.

5. High-energy and passionate individual, with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, seeking a position as an Accounting Intern at The Walt Disney Company. Solid ability to deliver project excellence across the board.

6. Accounting graduate with proven accounting, communication, and records management skills. Looking for a position as an Accounting Intern at Concord Now, to leverage accounts control knowledge, aiming to help the department with its specific goals.

7. Highly-organized individual with a strong accounting background, looking for an Accounting Internship at Film Daily. Seeking to deliver excellence through managing the company’s accounts statements while ensuring proper reconciliation.

8. Desirous of an Accounting Intern position at Pepsi Co. where I can support the various aspects of accounting and reporting processes to deliver consistent excellence in all areas.

9. To obtain an Accounting Intern position at Global Financial Solutions. Eager to apply the understanding of accounting and financial principles, and their core applications, to help the department gain momentum in achieving its objectives and goals.

10. Hardworking accounting graduate looking for an Accounting Intern position at Ace Inc. Bringing ability to handle internal accounting control processes to help with emerging and growing business activities.

11. Competent individual, interested in a position as an Accounting Intern at Foredom LLC. Offering spot-on judgment on accounting procedures, along with a core sense of data analysis to assist in handling error-free transactions.

12. Skillful, and organized individual, with a great head for numbers and calculations, poised to contributing to ABC Company in the capacity of an Accounting Intern. Leveraging knowledge of budgeting assistance, and monthly forecasts, aiming to help the company achieve its goals.

13. Highly knowledgeable individual, with a solid grasp on accounting principles and concepts, enthusiastic to work as an Accounting Intern for AAA Company. Bringing accounting knowledge, the capability of performing basic accounting tasks, and awareness and understanding of all professional standards to contribute to your bottom-line.

14. Accounting graduate, boasting excellent academic record, looking for a position as an Accounting Intern at Selina. Hoping to use my knowledge of accounting principles to help the company organize its accounts and finances in an efficient manner.

15. To gain an Accounting Intern position at Technical Advances, which will enable me to use my strong accounts management skills to help the department ensure consistently well-managed work processes.

16. To obtain employment as an Accounting Intern at MNY. Implementing know-how of accounting and financial procedures to meet the company’s specific goals.

17. To obtain an Accounting Intern position at Sava Care, which will allow me to utilize the skills gained during my accounting degree. Focused on building a long-term career in accounting, while helping the facility dominate the industry.

18. Looking for an Accounting Intern position at Crete Sol Entertainment, hoping for a positive exposure to accounting and bookkeeping work processes. Welcome the chance to excel in a collaborative environment, on which the company prides itself.

19. Dedicated and motivated individual, with 4 years of accounting education, seeking an Accounting Intern position at ESRI Inc. Especially interested in reconciling financial discrepancies by collecting and analyzing account information to assist the organization handle accounts in an efficient manner.

20. Exceptionally talented individual, with a solid grasp on accounting and bookkeeping principles. Aiming to work as an Accounting Intern at Creatives. Excellent focus on providing quantitative accounting information to help achieve business goals.

21. Looking for an Accounting Intern position at AECOM utilizing skills in accurately posting entries and handling balance sheet reconciliations.

22. Seeking a position as an Accounting Intern at Jet Suite to prepare daily invoice reports and updating clients’ statements by ensuring the accuracy of posted entries.

23. Poised to obtain an Accounting Intern position at VTM Group. Offering a demonstrated ability to assist managers with day to day accounts receivable and payable procedures and participate in month-end closings, to ensure smooth accounting procedures.

24. To work for Lucky Brand Jeans as an Accounting Intern. Leveraging competencies in handling accounts receivable and payable tasks to ensure that accounting activities are properly smoothed out through the minimization of discrepancies.

25. To obtain an Accounting Internship at M3 Accounting. Bringing knowledge of handling reconciliation work, posting accounting entries, and handling accounting system audits to ensure conformance to protocols.

26. Looking for a position as an Accounting Intern at PayCor. Bringing a deep insight into reviewing and analyzing expense reports, and assisting with record retention procedures to contribute to the company’s accounting procedures.


Going through the 26 resume objectives for an accounting intern position will help you understand exactly what needs to be part of the statement. It is imperative to remember that a resume objective needs to provide information of your skills, as well as ensure that it focuses on what you are offering in exchange of the experience opportunity which will be provided to you by the organization.