Resume Objectives for Accounting Internship

Updated on April 6, 2016

Short resume objectives are never a problem – long ones that say a lot and still don’t say much are. When a prospective employer picks up a resume, he is surely not looking for a lot of information. In fact, he is looking for information that is precise but well, informational! So even if your resume objective does not go past 2 sentences, you can still make a great impression on a hiring manager.

The quality of your resume objective matters. Generalized information that says that you want to work in a challenging environment where your diverse skills can be utilized are resume-killers. Read the sentence again – does it say what kind of challenging environment you are looking for and what diversity you have where skills are concerned specifically? No it doesn’t, which can make a hiring manager believe that you have not spent a lot of time in creating a resume. What will happen? He will put your resume down and pick up the next one, hoping for a more profoundly written resume objective that actually details the candidate’s unique skills.

The term resume objective is self-explanatory – you need to chart out your reason for sending the resume. Objectives are introductions to the information given in the resume. Introduce yourself well by looking through the following samples before you write your own:

Resume Objectives for Accounting Internship

• Looking for an Accounting Intern position at AECOM utilizing skills in accurately posting entries and handling balance sheet reconciliations.

• Seeking a position as an Accounting Intern at Jet Suite. Well versed in preparing daily invoice reports and updating clients’ statement by ensuring accuracy of posted entries.

• Desire an Accounting Intern position at VTM Group. Demonstrated ability to assist seniors with day to day accounts receivable and payable procedures and participate in month-end closings, to ensure smooth accounting procedures.

• To work for Lucky Brand Jeans as an Accounting Intern utilizing competency in handling accounts receivable and payable activities, along with ensuring that accounting activities are properly smoothed out through minimization of discrepancies.

• To obtain an Accounting Intern position at M3 Accounting. Bringing expertise in handling reconciliation work, posting accounting entries and handling accounting system audits to ensure conformance to protocols.

• Looking for a position as an Accounting Intern at PayCor. Deep insight into reviewing and analyzing expense reports, assisting with record retention procedures and contributing to the accounting procedure documentation.