Accounting Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: November 25, 2020

After you have impressed the recruiter by writing an attractive cover letter and a professionally written resume for the accounting assistant position and you have successfully qualified for the interview. Now you need to prepare well for it.

The interview is a final stage where whether you will be selected or disqualified.

Read through the following sample Interview Questions and Answers for Accounting Assistant to make yourself ready for the challenge:

Accounting Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

1. We have read your resume and know that you fit in the required educational criteria; can you enlighten us on your professional experience?

I had worked for ABC Company as an accounting assistant for the past two years. It is a well-established and highly reputable company, and its business revolves around office furniture dealerships to providing furniture solutions to companies. I joined them as an accounting intern and then considering my passion for work, I was offered a permanent position as the accounting assistant.

2. What were your responsibilities at your previous job?

My responsibilities included management of accounts receivables; customer statements, customer payments/collections, invoicing and reconciliations; accounts payables which included vendor statements, vendor bills, payments, and reconciliations as well as credit management. Also, I performed other clerical work such as mail handling, filing, organizing accounts, scheduling, and MIS data maintenance.

3. As you know that accounts payable/receivable, information management, and credit are the four crucial facets of this Accounting Assistant’s duties, what experience do you have relative to these areas?

I have been working in all these areas and am well-versed in the accurate entry of all payments received into the General Ledger accounts. I am skilled at doing recurring billings for storage purposes, processing cost adjustments for fixing billing errors and balances, processing client credit card payments while maintaining a sales order database as well. As for credit is concerned, I have a proven track record of maintaining customer credit authorizations and sending out credit applications, as well as researching creditworthiness through references. For information management, I have always ensured that the customer information was updated regularly and have managed to keep payable vendor files up-to-date at any point in time.

Moreover, I also have vast experience in handling accounts payable. I have been efficiently receiving invoices from vendors, matching them to purchase orders and to information in the dealer’s business systems, and at times if I found any discrepancies, I responsibly reported to the senior management providing them with copies of the invoices as filed proof. I have detailed knowledge of follow-ups on account statements and serving as a liaison between departments and vendors. Plus, I also possess hands-on experience in the reconciliation of company credit card expenses, reporting and reviewing employee expense reports and timesheets for costing.

4. What are accounting software applications you familiar with?

I have the experience of using Team Design software, PeopleSoft, and MS Excel & Project. I can also process payments from clients using remote check scanners.

5. What sets you apart from others? Why should we prefer you over other applicants?

I am highly dependable and responsible. I am capable of multitasking in a fast-paced environment. I possess the essential elements that you are looking for: Drive & energy, functional & technical expertise that I have just explained, high standards that guarantee exceptional quality of work and attention to detail, strong urge to take the initiative, and integrity in working ethically and honestly.

6. How do your friends/colleagues/coworkers define you?

I have received appreciation and praise from my peers at work and during my education for being highly responsible, having an independent working ability, efficiency, ability to establish productive working relationships with peers and superiors, quality of work, etc. I have been rewarded as the most productive employee at work. I have always been the center of attention in the group of my friends at school, college and at work because of my extrovert and appealing personality.

7. Have you applied anywhere else?

Yes, but I prefer working with you, so I am hoping to get his job and become your permanent asset.