Accounting Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

Updated March 26, 2017

How does one measure interview success? Interview success cannot really be measured unless you receive a job offer.

But what you can do to ensure that you do get the job offer is to make sure that you prepare well for the interview.

Success begins at this stage – the time before the interview.

You research questions that may be asked during an interview and you can almost guarantee that you will be given the job.

What questions? For an accounting analyst position, the following sample interview questions may prove to be helpful:


Accounting Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

What skills set do you believe that an accounting analyst should possess?
I believe possessing a systematic mind is foremost. There is a lot that one has to be in order to be successful in this role. Strong problem-solving abilities, exceptional organizational skills and intense knowledge of finance and accounting systems are just some of the skills that an accounting analyst should definitely have.

What have been your prime responsibilities while working as an accounting analyst?
As an accounting analyst, I have been busy assisting in the preparation of annual budgets, forecasts and long-range planning, along with processing accounts payable invoices and inventory adjustments, computing and recording charges and refunds, reconciling general ledger accounts and overseeing sales tax returns and reconciliations.

What do you find is most challenging while working as an accounting analyst?
I believe that most of the things associated with accounting and finance are challenging. However, I do find reconciliation oversight quite cumbersome due to the many problems associated with incorrect entries and lack of data integrity.

Tell us of a time when your skills as an accounting analyst made you shine.
About a month ago, I was given the task of determining which part of the current accounting system was responsible for making the system tardy. It was a long and difficult process, but I managed to identify 2 people who were quite laid back in posting entries, making the entire system slow and cumbersome to navigate. This process required a lot from me as an analyst as it was challenging to find weak links within 200 employees in the accounting department.

What do you think makes it possible for an individual to be a true analyst?
I believe that the skills which I outlined earlier are what are required initially. In addition to them, it is important for an individual wanting to work as an accounting analyst to be able to meet strict deadlines, identify weak links within the system, change tasks quickly and handle multiple requests at the same time.

Your 5 year goals would be?
Ideally, I would like to be work as the head of the accounts departments in a challenging work environment, 5 years from now!