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Accounting Internship Cover Letter With No Experience

How to write an entry-level accounting internship cover letter?  You will probably be thinking about many things because you will need to follow many rules to write a cover letter.  Seriously, there are no specific rules to write a cover letter. The only thing that you may want to look out for is to make… Read More »

6 Accounting Internship Interview Questions and Answers

How to Win an Accounting Intern Interview? Using appropriate language and self-confidence are two critical factors to winning accounting internship interviews. When you use the right sentences and show confidence, the interviewer pays attention to you. Especially if you appear for a first-ever interview, these two things are important. As far as actual preparation goes,… Read More »

Accounting Intern Resume Sample and Template

An accounting intern is responsible for tracking revenues and expenses, reconciling accounts, and analyzing business cash flow statements. This position spans multiple departments in a broad company-wide view.  The accounting intern also helps the manager to formulate revenue reports under the sales teams’ invoices and receivables. Below is an excellent example of the resume for an… Read More »