6 MBA Internship Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 7, 2022

Right after you’ve completed your MBA, you would want to apply for an internship. 

Once you have applied for one, it is important to prepare for the interview, as a call might come at any time.

Even though you would want to eventually work in a position that suits your best interests, you will be rotated in all departments within the organization.

Therefore, your interview will focus on what you know about the business world and its specifications, rather than one area of it.

And if you have a good bit of book knowledge, you should be able to answer the questions thrown at you.

Here is a set of interview questions and answers that you may be asked when applying for an internship position, right after you have done your MBA:

6 Interview Questions and Answers for MBA Internship

1. Why did you choose to obtain an internship in our company?

I have always been in awe of your organization, and ever since I found out that an internship position was open, I had been excited at the prospect.

The fact that there will be a lot to learn, and eventually give back to your organization, also helped me decide that I wanted to work for you.

2. Which specific area are you most interested to work in?

I am especially interested in marketing. However, I feel that getting a feel of each department within your organization will help in many ways as well.

3. What is it about marketing that piques your interest?

I have always been very good with words. The power to determine what customers want, and ensure that they are provided with it is a great area of strength.

4. What is your take on sales work?

I believe that marketing and sales go hand in hand with each other. Neither can work without the other. I have a great interest in sales too, and can effectively handle the many aspects of this work, in conjunction with marketing.

5. What challenges do you feel will come your way while working in an internship capacity?

I am fully prepared to work on many tasks at the same time and learn the ropes as I go forward. I believe that there will be a lot to learn, as I will be rotated in many departments.

6. How do you expect to face these challenges?

I am an eager individual, who’s most interested in learning. If during the process I am faced with adversities, I am not going to back down. In fact, I would welcome all challenges thrown at me.


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