Financial Accountant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 8, 2018

At the time that you are about to appear for an interview, there is only one thing that will help you ward off the terror of the process – preparation.

If you are prepared well for an interview, nothing can make you go down.

For a financial accountant position, the following sample interview questions and answers will help you take the lead:



Financial Accountant Interview Questions and Answers

Why did you opt to work in financial accounting?
I have always been interested in finance as a subject, even when I was in high school – business studies and accounts were part of the curriculum. This interest led me to pick up financial accounting in college, and since then, I have not looked back.

What is the most challenging part of working in financial accounting?
Any type of accounting is always a challenge. As a financial accountant, I take all these challenges with a pinch of salt and ensure that I come out on top of them.

As a financial accountant, what have been your duties in your present role?
I have been working as a financial accountant for over 6 years now, and have been busy accumulating information for preparing periodic financial statements and statistical reports, processing and preparing data to be entered into the general ledger, performing balance sheet account analysis and bank reconciliations, preparing fixed assets reconciliations, handling disbursement of taxes, and working on uniform chart of accounts.

What skills does one need to work as a successful financial accountant?
Apart from knowledge of the actual work, it is imperative for financial accountants to be highly analytic, as they have to work with a lot of reports that require analytical involvement. In addition to this, one must possess exceptional written and verbal communication skills, and an excellent ability to interpret data for discrepancies and trends. Moreover, a financial accountant needs to be able to work within provided deadlines and be ready to adapt to changes.

What is your highest achievement in the role of a financial accountant?
As a financial accountant, I have many accomplishments to my name. But the one that I am extremely proud of is the time when I successfully implemented a reconciliation process, which proved to be 90% more efficient than the one that the company was already using.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
I have always aimed very high. I have gained enough experience to be able to work in a financial accounting position now, but I am forever thinking about leading myself up the career ladder, to the position of a financial director. And I hope to achieve this milestone within the next five years.