Accounting Internship Resume with No Experience

Updated on March 15, 2018

Writing a resume is easy if you have tons of experience to show off. If you have none or limited experience, the job becomes a bit dodgy. That is because lack of knowledge automatically translates into lack of information on a resume.

The result is a short and awkward looking resume. Does that make you unhappy?

It shouldn’t. If you are applying for an entry-level position or an internship, the hiring manager will not expect to see a 5-page long resume coming from you. A single page will do.

The point here is to write a resume that speaks volumes about you as a possible candidate for a job and not merely volumes. Shorter resumes are quite welcomed these days, as more and more candidates are resorting to writing ones that have no end in sight.

Long resumes are not necessarily considered good ones. Now, does that make you more comfortable with your resume writing efforts? Great! Read on!

A resume that you write for a position for which you have had no experience is simple. Put in all your academic information and write down your skills. Any related volunteer work information can be placed in an entry-level resume as well. It is easy.

Take a look at the following example:


Accounting Internship Resume with No Experience



Angela Smith

4700 Weaver Road ● Sandy Creek, NY 65400 ● (000) 125-8545 ● [Email]


Dedicated, Dependable and Resourceful

Recent accounting graduate with exceptional competencies in handling accounts receivables and payables, reconciling bank statements, preparing financial reports and analyzing accounts strong. A self-motivated individual who has an impeccable academic record and the ability to get along well with people from diverse background.

Special competencies include:
• Preparing accounting records to assess accuracy, completeness, and confirmation
• Proper keeping of financial records by making use of current technologies


• Cash Applications and Collections• Contract Reconciliation
• Costing and Pricing• Voucher Preparation
• Payroll Support• Tax Reports Preparation
• Monthly Close Reports• Budgeting and Forecasting
• Auditing Assistance• Customer Service

Sandy Creek Business School, Sandy Creek, NY – 2016
Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting
Coursework: Financial Accounting ~ Managerial Accounting ~ Macroeconomics ~ Calculus ~ Statistics ~ Accounting Information Systems ~ Cost Accounting ~ Federal Income Tax ~ Business Finance ~ Supply Chain Management


Volunteer | 2/2016 to 5/2016
Sandy Creek Business School, Sandy Creek, NY
• Assisted the facility accountant in reconciling ledger accounts and rolling forward analysis of balance sheet accounts.
• Provided support in general accounting month-end closing procedures.
• Supported sales tax reporting systems and audits by giving clerical sustenance.
• Assisted with preparing and validating reimbursement systems and revenue processing.
• Handled auditing preparation duties and helped with accounts payable and receivables.


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