Going to an accounting coordinator  interview unprepared is as bad as going in wearing your casual clothes! Sometimes even worse. Unless you have a politician’s gift of gab (or something even better), unpreparedness can kill your chances at a job. The hot seat really is hot so do yourself a favor and not let the whole process burn you. Go prepared for any eventuality – including being hired on the spot. Yes, that can happen but you have to be especially smart do be able to pull this off. If you can answer all the questions put to you exactly as the interviewer had expected you would, you can thank your lucky stars. But since that is not completely possible, let’s just stick to the 9 out of 10 policy, where you can answer most of them correctly.

Some general tips for answering accounting coordinator interview questions include:

• Speak clearly and in a varying tone to show the interviewer that you are interested
• Pause before answering each question to tell the interviewer that you are patient and are taking out time to understand the question
• Be diplomatic and discreet about previous employers
• Stay positive – talk positively about your skills and admit that there may be some skills that you need to improve on

Speaking the truth during an interview never goes unrewarded. Exaggeration always gets caught. When you answer questions, make sure that you create a balance.

Some sample interview questions and answers for an accounting coordinator position are given below for your reference:

Accounting Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers

Tell us briefly what all encompasses an accounting coordinator’s job?
The basic responsibility of an accounting coordinator is to assist with the overall operations of a company’s financial processes. This includes coordinating accounts payable, accounts receivable and payrolls as well.

What is the “external” role of an accounting coordinator?
An accounting coordinator liaises with external suppliers and lenders to ensure that receivables and payables are all handled efficiently. He handles both verbal and written communication to ensure that payments are expedited.

What is one very important quality that an accounting coordinator must possess to be successful in this role?
This role requires one to possess exceptional follow up abilities as there are many avenues through which one has to follow up on payments.

What have you done recently to improve your work in this role?
I have recently acquired training in 2 accounting disciplines and I am presently working towards learning new accounting software to upgrade my knowledge.