9 Accounting Clerk Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: May 24, 2022

An accounting clerk’s resume value is based on achievements.

Understandably, it is not easy to identify those accomplishments when one is unsure of what exactly could resonate with a prospective employer.

There are five basic, yet valued types of accomplishments suitable for accounting resumes:

  1. Technical and business capability
  2. Ability to use systems prolifically
  3. Management of internal reins
  4. Well-timed and precise information
  5. Works with appropriate rapport with peers

In order to provide some sort of guidance, it could prove helpful by asking yourself a few questions.

  1. What have you done to improve operations?
  2. How have you managed to increase revenues?
  3. Were you able to strengthen bottom line profits?
  4. Were you successful at reducing operating costs?

So, you see, it is very much so “all about the results”.

No accomplishment as an accounting clerk is worth mentioning if it cannot be backed up with statistics. “Managed company quarterly budget” alone would not get you far.

However, “Managed company quarterly budget of $400,000” would compel the hiring manager to consider your candidacy.

Similarly, “Promoted to Accounting Clerk from Accounting Assistant” should actually be presented as “Promoted to Accounting Clerk from Accounting Assistant within 5 months of my stay”.

Also, take special care to mention that if you “increased annual revenue by 10%” then what is it that you did to ensure the annual revenue made it there.

Therefore, proceed by stating: “increased annual revenue 10% by developing financial controls”

The following are examples of achievements one could mention in an accounting clerk resume:

Sample Accomplishments and Achievements for Accounting Clerk Resume

  1. Accelerated the closing process from the end of the month to the 25th calendar day of each month.
  2. Initiated an income and expense flux analysis for the first working day of the month that enabled and sped up the early identification and correction of posting errors.
  3. Developed financial controls that lucratively scaled, with the company growing from $15 million to $28 million in annual revenue.
  4. Played a pivotal role in locating a weakness in a client’s wire transfer controls that had been leading to a significant theft of funds. Recommended a change that was put into effect immediately.
  5. Initiated meetings with department heads to collect information on how to develop reports that actually met their needs, which resulted in an increase in the use of reports by 45% and quicker decision-making with regards to variances.
  6. Built both domestic and international relations within the Firm, to organize required resources and streamline accounting procedures.
  7. Performed effective bookkeeping for $600,000 in annual sales.
  8. Obtained the “Best Employee of the Year 2021” award following on-time implementation of computerized accounting systems.
  9. Trained 53 newly recruited accounting assistants.