20 Accounting Achievements for Resume

Updated on: May 23, 2024
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When you’re getting ready to apply for an accounting job, your resume needs to make a great impression. One powerful way to stand out is by adding your personal wins and successes.

This page is all about 20 great achievements you can talk about in your resume to show off your skills in accounting.

So, let’s make your resume tell a story – a story about your achievements in accounting that’s so good, that potential employers can’t wait to meet you.

Keep reading to find out what these achievements are and think about how your successes fit into this picture.

20 Sample Accomplishments for Accounting Resume

1. Reduced budget discrepancies by 25% through implementing monthly reconciliation protocols, enhancing financial accuracy.

2. Increased cash flow by 40% by redesigning customer payment processing systems to ensure quicker invoice clearance.

3. Slimmed quarterly financial reporting times by 20% by introducing automated data consolidation tools.

4. Eliminated 90% of manual data entry errors by implementing a sophisticated financial analysis software suite.

5. Consolidated multiple expense tracking systems into one streamlined platform, cutting reporting effort by 35%.

6. Accelerated month-end close process by 5 days through the adoption of advanced accounting software features.

7. Orchestrated a departmental restructuring that boosted staff efficiency by 30%, significantly reducing overhead costs.

8. Negotiated with suppliers to achieve a consistent 10% cost reduction on office supplies, saving $12,000 annually.

9. Pioneered a fraud detection scheme that decreased financial risk exposure by 50% within one fiscal year.

10. Delivered historical and predictive financial analysis that shaped a strategic merger, augmenting company profit margins by 15%.

11. Devised tax strategies that led to a 20% decline in tax liabilities for the fiscal year through lawful deductions and credits.

12. Enhanced asset management leading to a reduction in asset downtime by 25%, optimizing overall asset ROI.

13. Introduced time-saving accounting policies that reduced the turnaround for accounts receivable collections by 18%.

14. Supervised and resolved over 200 complex tax inquiries annually, maintaining a 99% client satisfaction rate.

15. Helped in the automation of employee expense reporting, leading to a 40% decrease in reimbursement processing errors.

16. Executed a comprehensive financial forecast model, projecting a 5-year financial trajectory with 95% accuracy.

17. Recovered $30,000 in missed revenue by identifying and correcting past billing errors using data analytics.

18. Launched successful negotiation strategies with tax authorities, resulting in a 20% decrease in fines and penalties.

19. Coordinated with the IT department to establish a secure electronic funds transfer (EFT) system, eliminating a 98% risk of financial breaches.

20. Played a key role in the liquidation process of company assets, achieving valuations 10% higher than market projections.


As you finalize your resume with these impactful accounting achievements, remember each one reflects your potential to deliver tangible benefits to your next employer. By presenting these accomplishments, you demonstrate not only your expertise in accounting but also your proactive approach and dedication to driving financial success.

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