Home Health Care Aide Resume Sample

Updated on: November 14, 2015


A resume for home healthcare aide position is neither an autobiography nor a curriculum vitae – it is a document that presents your skills and qualifications in a compelling manner to interest the potential employer. You may have worked hard and obtained impressive degrees but unfortunately, these are not sufficient to secure appropriate, satisfying employment. As a professional, you must present your background and experience so that your candidature stands out from the crowd. And that is why a resume is an absolute necessity.

The format of your resume should follow some standard guidelines which will make it successful.


Home Health Care Aide Resume Sample


Susan Miller

87 Pitch Pine Circle ● Tampa ● FL 25654 ● (999) 999-9999 ● susanmiller @ email . com


SUMMARY: Compassionate, patient home health care aide with a reputation for excellence and high quality personal service to patients. Able to remain calm and work well under physically and emotionally demanding conditions. Strengths include; ability to perform general housekeeping duties, handling meal planning and preparation and providing general assistance.

• Special talent for delivering personal care services such as assistance with bathing, grooming and toileting, while maintaining patient integrity
• Demonstrated expertise in caring for patients during periods of incapacitation and family disruption and adjusting to new lifestyles
• First-hand experience with participating in case reviews to evaluate patients’ needs and create plans for continuing services


• Ambulation Support • Emotional Assistance • Health and Hygiene
• Patient Education • Home Care Techniques • Interventions
• Health Promotion • Nutrition Standards • Asepsis Procedures
• General Housekeeping • Family Counseling • Patient Assessment

TRIMED HEALTHCARE, Tampa, FL (6/2010 to Present)
Home Healthcare Aide
• Determine patients’ physical and mental conditions by thoroughly reading doctors’ noted
• Provide bedside and personal care, including assistance with bathing, grooming and toileting
• Perform housekeeping duties such as cleaning and laundry
• Plan and prepare nutritious meals according to each patients’ individual health needs
• Assist with exercises and physical therapy sessions by following medical instructions
• Provide medication reminders and administered medication according to doctor’s notes
• Monitor and record patient vitals such as blood pressure, pulse and temperature
• Observe clients to ensure that they are comfortable and report any untoward incidents immediately
• Create and maintain patient records in an accurate and confidential manner

Key Achievements
• Rehabilitated 12 patients suffering from crippling dementia by implementing holistic care methods to deter advancement of the disease
• Held 10 seminars on appropriate health promotion and maintenance within a home environment
• Created and implemented a standard menu for patients with advanced diabetes and hypertension, that was used as a basis for creating patient-suitable ones
• Wrote a handbook pertaining to patient care at the facility, procedures and expectations, to assist families in understanding its mission and vision

SENIOR SOLUTIONS AT HOME, Tampa, FL (1/2010 to 5/2010)
Patient Care Aide
• Engaged patients in conversation to determine their emotional needs and provided limited counseling
• Assisted with personal care needs such as toileting, washing, bathing and grooming
• Provided medication reminders and ensured that patient ate their meals on time
• Assisted in the preparation of healthy meals by following doctors’ / nutritionists’ advice
• Handle laundry and dishwashing duties and run errands such as shopping for groceries and paying utility bills

High School Diploma