Accounting Manager Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on January 15, 2019

Mention of accomplishments in any resume is important. However, it is even more so when you are writing one for an accounting manager position.

Recruiters want to know what you have to offer besides skills to the company where you’ve applied for a job.

Unfortunately, writing accomplishment statements is not that easy.

Even though you have worked in an accounting capacity for some time, you might not have kept track of your achievements.

You’ll have to look back in order to determine what they were.

Think in terms of streamlining accounting procedures.

You can also mention how well you implemented new accounting systems which reduced calculation times.

Writing accomplishment statements depends on how well you have performed in the role. Talking about the times when you forecasted cash requirements will also be considered as an accomplishment. So will be the time when you handled a discrepancy so that it did not affect the company that you represented in a negative manner.

Some sample accomplishments for an accounting manager cover letter or resume are provided below for reference purposes:

Accounting Manager Accomplishments for Resume

• Implemented a unique petty cash expenditure system, as a result, decreased expenses by $4000 per month.

• Significantly improved the cash dispersing system by implementing a novel distribution system.

• Introduced the concept of rechecking, hence, decreased cash discrepancies by 65%.

• Streamlined accounting systems, by implementing standard operating procedures for each subsystem.

• Consistently met financial accounting objectives for 5 years in a row.

• Initiated corrective actions for maintaining accounting records, thereby, improved record accuracy by 75%.

• Continuously met audit standards for 4 years in a row, owing to exceptional accounts management skills.

• Supervised work of 50 associates engaged in calculating and posting accounting information.

• Trained 80 employees to work as accounting team members, as part of their induction.

• Implemented an accounting records maintenance system, replacing the old inefficient one.

• Introduced the concept on rechecking, hence, reduced discrepancies by 85%.

• Grew customer base by 50%, by suggesting reduction in actual product cost, while maintaining profit levels.

• Integrated a complex accounting system into the existing one, as a result, decreased problems associated with incorrect entries.

• Improved ties between sister companies, thereby, reducing accounts documentation time by 50%.

• Held an impeccable record of consistency in handling accounting work for 3 years in a row.

• Audited 800 accounts in one day, as part of a quick audit program.

• Featured in the company magazine 3 times, highlighting exceptional work prowess, and contribution.

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