15 Clerk Accomplishments and Achievements for Resume

Updated October 27, 2022
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Depending on the type of organization clerks work for, they perform several administrative and support duties across many departments such as accounting, admin, and human resources. 

Their work is critical to the successful operation of any business, and they are hired after much precision and scrutiny.

Clerks are not merely crucial for their support service; there are many duties that they perform on an individual basis as well, which are very important to a company’s operational success. 

This may include record-keeping, filing, and correspondence-handling activities that they typically perform every day.

In addition to this, they are entrusted with handling incoming telephone calls, resolving administrative problems, and handling the mechanics of company meetings.

To work as a clerk successfully, one needs to be a jack of all trades as there is so much that this role encompasses – and so much depends on it.

The need for efficiency in this role is excellent. Employers generally look for resumes that hold information on key accomplishments in a clerical position.

15 Sample Achievements and Accomplishments for a Clerk Resume

  1. Increased the company’s presence in the industry by 50% by providing effective administrative support to the marketing department.
  2. Played a significant role in streamlining accounting procedures by providing a proactive approach and technical insight.
  3. Promoted to a permanent clerical position after working as an intern for three months owing to exceptional dedication.
  4. Decreased office stationery costs by $5000 per month by buying items in bulk.
  5. Received company-sponsored “Best Employee of the Year” award in 2021.
  6. Met support deadlines consistently by employing extra work hours during marketing and advertising campaigns.
  7. Integrated an extremely complex filing system into the present one, thereby reducing file retrieval time.
  8. Overhauled the company’s records by replacing the existing paper records system with a more functional electronic one.
  9. Cut power backup costs by integrating a much less expensive power backup system within the same budget.
  10. United multiple teams through active clerical support in a post-merger situation.
  11. Coined the buzzword “cramming” aimed at “hurrying up a project” – now being widely used in all offices of the company.
  12. Surpassed administrative support goals by providing constant and consistent clerical support to three departments across the company’s offshore branches.
  13. Featured in Admin Excellence magazine as one of the top ten clerical support professionals in the state.
  14. Presented an administrative support program at the seminar which is still used by the branch offices of the company.
  15. Delegated appropriate tasks to staff to maximize the efficiency of the office procedures.

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