Top 15 Accounting Clerk Resume Objective Examples

Updated: June 1, 2023

As accounting clerks play a crucial role in any organization, employers expect a lot when screening resumes.

If you are an accounting clerk who is looking for a new job, then you need to double-check your objective on the resume. 

As objectives get read first, they have the power to get the employer to keep reading.

Here are some accounting clerk resume objectives that will give you an idea of how you can write one of your own.

15 Sample Objectives for Accounting Clerk Resume

Experienced Accounting Clerk Objectives

1. Top-performing Accounting Clerk with 6+ years experience in accounts receivables and payables, reconciliation, and general ledger. Excited to use my proven bookkeeping, customer service, and communication skills to effectively fill the challenging role at ABC Company. BS Degree in Accounting & Finance.

2. Detail-oriented and competent accounting professional, seeking a position as an Accounting Clerk at YMCA. Bringing a track record of success in billing, payroll, and budgeting to run the company’s accounting procedures efficiently.

3. Results-driven and logical-thinking Accounting Clerk seeking employment at Nemesis. Leveraging expertise in accounting principles and methods to manage the company’s accounting needs effectively.

4. To obtain a job as an Accounting Clerk at Sonic Automotive, using exceptional judgment in accomplishing accounting tasks by keeping discrepancies at bay.

5. Highly experienced accounting professional with 11+ years’ successful track record in handling diverse accounting issues in a fast-paced environment. Seeking an Accounting Clerk position at XYZ company where I will be able to make the most of my accounting skills and expertise.

6. Dedicated, analytical-minded accounting professional eager to work for AFS as an Accounting Clerk. Bringing a combination of accounting education and experiences to meet the company’s financial management aims.

7. Trustworthy Accounting Clerk eager to obtain employment at Maclean Fogg. Offering analytic thinking along with the ability to perform accounting and finance tasks with minimal supervision. 8+ years’ hands-on experience in ERP systems and other complex accounts management and financial transactions software.

8. Detail-oriented accounting clerk poised to take responsibility for ABC Company’s accounts. Leveraging expertise in handling many aspects of financial transactions such as compiling invoices, verifying business transactions, and maintaining account records. 

Entry-Level Accounting Clerk Objectives With No Experience

9. To work for SRH Financial Consultants as an Accounting Clerk. Bringing a strong grasp of accounting principles to increase the efficiency of the company’s accounting systems.

10. To obtain a position as an Accounting Clerk at Holistic Spa where knowledge of handling accounting transactions is used to assist in managing the spa’s accounting procedures in a time-efficient and efficient manner.

11. Self-motivated and energetic individual, looking for a position as an Accounting Clerk with Tampa Times. Offering proficiency in handling bookkeeping activities with a high level of accuracy and discretion along with manual dexterity required to manage data entry tasks.

12. Looking for a position as an Accounting Clerk with Hilton Hotels and Resorts, utilizing knowledge of handling bookkeeping activities in accordance with the company’s protocols and procedures.

13. Seeking a position as an Accounting Clerk with RC Wiley. Poised to leverage my knowledge of handling transaction details and the accuracy of accounts. Excellent organization skills and detail orientation.

14. To contribute to ABC Company as an accounting clerk by using competencies in compiling and sorting invoices and checks while ensuring that all business transactions have been made in accordance to set protocols. Strong know-how of accounts receivables and payables and managing bank transactions.

15. Fresh, energetic accounting graduate seeking an accounting clerk position with ABC Company, utilizing highly developed organizational skills and solid education in accounting.