Top 10 Accounting Assistant Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: July 20, 2021

Knowing that you have accomplished something is a big feat – a bigger feat perhaps is putting it into words for a prospective employer, so that you can be gauged as a potential employee.

Writing down your accomplishments as an accounting assistant is simple – making it appear useful to a prospective hiring manager isn’t. And it is the latter that you have to concentrate on when you prepare your resume.

Accomplishments are one thing that we tend to ignore when writing our resumes, unknowingly bringing down our employment chances. When you fail to create a special section to list down your accomplishments, you tend to make things difficult for yourself.

An employer cannot judge you based on just your qualifications and experiences. While these two may be considered the basics of decision-making on the employer’s part, they do need to know if you have actually done something considerable by using your experience and the skills that you are boasting of.

The need to hold on to something tangible is immense at this stage, so make sure that you provide employers with something to consider when deciding to hire you.

Using words such as negotiated, designed, implemented, increased, reduced, merged, introduced, and led will immediately encourage the reader to read further and find out what it is exactly that you have done that is so great.

Because his or her interest will be piqued, he or she is sure to continue reading to gauge what is so great about you! Mission accomplished!

Sample Accomplishments for Accounting Assistant Resume

  1. Saved an entire decade’s accounting data from being wiped out completely by implementing a backup system that worked on a 30-minute backup basis.
  2. Reconciled 15 spreadsheets in 2 hours, found discrepancies in 3 of them.
  3. Trained 20 accounting professionals to learn complex financial software in an online training session.
  4. Created a rate calculation and price extension formula, which made the process easy for weekly calculation procedures.
  5. Introduced a crosscheck functionality in Excel that reduced marginal error rates from 20% to 2%.
  6. Introduced a code system pertaining to the company’s financial data, which increased the security of confidential data by 88%.
  7. Handled petty cash reporting for 12 offices, in 2 different currencies for offshore franchises.
  8. Reduced suspense account entries by 50% by ensuring constant vigilance and backup of all entries.
  9. Implemented a series of pre-audit functions to determine the integrity of financial data, making it audit-ready in terms of accuracy and completeness.
  10. Converted the entire paper bookkeeping system into a sophisticated electronic one within the record time of 22 days.