Order Puller Resume Sample

Resumes for order puller position contain brief overview a candidate’s professional life. These are important documents because they provide prospective employers with information that can be used to decide which candidate to hire for a certain position. The main reason for ensuring that your resume stands out is the fact that resumes are your ticket to employment in an organization. If you write a good resume, chances of your consideration will grow tremendously.

What does a “good” resume include? A good resume is one that has the capacity to persuade a prospective employer to call you in an interview. This means that you should not include any kind of misinformation or exaggerated facts in your resume; you need to write what you have done and what you can do.

Have a look at the following resume sample of an order puller to comprehend what needs to be written in a resume.


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Order Puller Resume Sample


Simon Gable

6810 Ridgely Avenue # 3, Fairmont, WV 99002
Cellular: (999) 999-9999, Email:


Energetic professional with five years of experience working in a warehouse environment. Effective planning and organizational skills along with a great ability to pay special attention to detail. Special ability to work well under extreme pressure. Comprehensive knowhow of shipment procedures.


▬ Tickets management▬ Order picking▬ Time management
▬ Quality control▬ Product placing▬ Orders maintenance
▬ SOP adherence▬ Housekeeping▬ Hazards handling
▬ Items counting▬ Product accuracy▬ Hand-held scanner

✔ Handled order details for over 100 projects with absolute accuracy
✔ Reined in rollercoaster order handling project requiring 52,000 items to be pulled and shipped in three days
✔ Reduced order finding time 30% by employing an electronic inventory system
✔ Streamlined the shipment procedure by incorporating an automatic pallet system that moves items from half the way from the storage area to the loading area


MOHAWK HOME ■ Fairmont, WV
Order Puller (5/2010 – Present)

• Take orders from supervisor and move items from storage areas to the shipping pallet
• Read work orders and ensure that they coincide with order pulling activities
• Locate items in storage areas and ensure accuracy of item and batch numbers
• Physically pull orders from shelves and load them onto forklifts or carry smaller items by hand
• Transport items to the quality check area and look for any damages or discrepancies
• Ensure that damaged products are reported and isolated for return
• Pack items into boxes or cartons and ensure that they are labeled properly
• Transport packed items onto the shipping pallet and assist in loading them onto the delivery van or truck
• Make sure that items are properly placed inside the delivery vehicle and that all associated paperwork is complete
• Create reports pertaining to pulled and dispatched orders at the end of each day

HARVEST INC. ■ Fairmont, WV
Warehouse Worker (1/2009 – 5/2010)

• Assisted in order pulling and shipping activities
• Ensured that each pulled order is in accord with the information provided
• Physically lifted and placed products on transport equipment or operate forklifts
• Handled labeling and matching services to ensure quality control
• Ensured that each packed item is placed onto the delivery vehicle safely

ABC HIGH SCHOOL, Fairmont, WV, 2008

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