In freight companies and others that have defined shipping needs, packing and shipping clerks play an important role. Responsible primarily for handling the many pivotal duties aimed at ensuring smooth shipping activities, these people keep busy all day long. Packing and shipping clerks pick out items from storage areas and ensure that they are in good working order along with making sure that the items are packed in a safe manner.

A packing and shipping clerk is also required to record information of each item in a logbook and ensure that items are labeled properly. He or she will also be responsible for ensuring that all associated documentation is shipped with the item. Once an item has been picked and packed, it is the responsibility of the packing and shipping clerk to deliver it safely to the shipping pallet and ensure that it is loaded onto the delivery vehicle in a safe manner. A list of duties for a person working at this position is listed below:

Job Description for Packing and Shipping Clerk Resume

• Pick items from storage areas by following picking orders

• Ensure that picked items are in good working condition by testing and examining them

• Report any damaged items to supervisor and make sure that they are replaced

• Transport packed items from storage areas to the packing area

• Ensure that items are packed in a safe manner by using packing materials

• Make sure that packed cartons are sealed and labeled appropriately

• Ensure that all accompanying documentation is present with packed items

• Operate forklift in order to transport packed items to the shipping pallet

• Make certain that packed items are lowered onto the shipping pallet by following safety guidelines in order to ward off potential damage

• Assist in loading packed items onto delivery trucks and make sure that they are stacked properly

• Prepare shipment papers in accordance to guidelines provided by the company

• Make arrangements for pick up of shipments prior to delivery to the pallet

• Arrange for adequate supply of shipping materials at all times

• Forward requisition requests n a timely manner

• Ensure that all work areas are clean and maintained at all times

• Perform both preventative and general maintenance on equipment and tools used to handle shipments

• Enter order and shipment information in company provided database

• Provide information of each shipment to the supervisor and at the deliver point