Order Filler Resume Example

Updated September 27, 2017

Many hiring managers never bother to go beyond the cover letter.

You know why?

Because they do not want to go through a long and boring account of a job seeker’s professional journey.

But if the journey is interesting, why wouldn’t they give the resume a viewing?

Here is a sample resume to help you write an interesting one:




Order Filler Resume Sample



Vin Harrison

(800 Olive Road, Cyclone, WV 25525
(000) 016-4152
vin harris @ email . com

Order Filler

Physically dexterous, resourceful and determined.

Over 7 years of order filling, picking and packing experience in busy and fast-paced warehouse environments. Skilled in following instructions to pick orders, and performing picking, packing and shipping activities in an accurate manner.

Effectively determines the information provided in order sheets, locates and picks items from within large warehouse environments and handles packing and labeling assignments according to specified protocols. Known to resolve inventory discrepancy issues, with special focus on ensuring item integrity.


✓ Order Picking ✓ Shipment ✓ Labeling
✓ Inventory Management ✓ Order Determination ✓ Quality Checks
✓ Warehouse Organization ✓ Forklift Operations ✓ Paperwork
✓ Packing and Stuffing ✓ Price Marking ✓ Missing Orders Tracing


• Successfully picked over 100 orders in one day, without any delays or irregularities, in the absence of 3 other order fillers.
• Trained 15 order fillers to use and maintain forklifts, as part of their induction.
• Introduced a labeling system, which left 0% room for inaccuracies in product and batch information.
• Traced a missing order, which had been in limbo for over a year, by applying exceptional investigative and analytic skills.

Order Filler
First Supply, Cyclone, WV | 6/2013 – Present
• Look through daily work orders to determine the amount and type of items to be picked.
• Locate items within the warehouse, and compare them with information on the work order.
• Pick orders from shelves in storage areas, and transport them to checking or packing areas.
• Carefully pack each item according to predefined instructions, and ensure that is labeled with the right information.
• Transport packed and labeled packages to the delivery pallet and assist in loading them onto awaiting delivery trucks.
• Ascertain that all packages are safely stacked on delivery vehicles, and secured with harnesses.
• Create paperwork for each outgoing package / item, and ensure that the delivery personnel are provided with complement documentation.
• Assist in keeping the warehouse and storage areas clean and maintained at all times.

Warehouse Order Filler
Walmart, Cyclone, WV | 2/2010 – 5/2013
• Assisted order pickers in locating items within the warehouse.
• Provide assistance in carrying large items to delivery pallets.
• Pasted identification labels on each item, and ensured that all assigned packages were properly wrapped.
• Cleaned warehouse surfaces, and ensured that all shelves were properly dusted.
• Assisted in loading items onto awaiting delivery vehicles, ensuring that they were handled in a safe manner.

Cyclone High School, Cyclone, WV – 2009
High School Diploma