Order Puller Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 4, 2019

Filling the orders is the lifeblood of any manufacturing environment.

If you work in the supply business, you will know how important it is to ensure that orders are filled and that too accurately.

Order pullers are hired for this work so that the order pulling activities are handled correctly.

The work responsibilities of an order puller go well beyond just order pulling.

Order pullers need to understand the merchandising world inside out and possess a penchant for accuracy.

They need to maintain a high attention to detail and be very accurate as customer satisfaction is dependent on their work.

To be eligible for an order puller’s position, one has to possess a high school diploma at the very least.

Physical agility is a prerequisite for this position as there is a lot of lifting and pulling that is needed for this job.

Order pullers are required to perform many duties on the work some of which are listed below.

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Sample Job Description for Order Puller Resume

• Take and understand orders from the shipping desk for pulling merchandise from storage and pallets.

• Ensure that a quality check is performed on all order papers.

• Address any misprints, false quantities, and closed carton orders.

• Check merchandise in the storage area by verifying lot and item numbers.

• Pull orders according to the order form and recheck them to ensure accuracy.

• Inspect items for quality and quantity and any evidence of dust, paint, or dents.

• Ensure that any product not up to the quality mark is reported to the floor supervisor.

• Transport pulled items from the storage area to the shipment pallet by using forklifts and other moving equipment.

• Wrap or box items according to instructions provided.

• Mark fragile items correctly in stenciled ink to ensure their safety during transport.

• Place destination information on packed items such as name, address, and lot numbers.

• Ensure that all places on the box form are filled out accurately.

• Pull off any old or not needed stickers from boxes and make sure that they are discarded properly.

• Ensure that boxed items are loaded on to trucks or delivery vans neatly and safely.

• Make sure that the conveyor belt is cleaned and frequently oiled so that no damage is done to boxed items.

• Write order reports and update delivery information into the database.

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