Restaurant waitress is a challenging position. In addition to an outgoing personality with great customer care skills, it also demands you to keep standing or walking for long periods of time.

The function of your resume as a restaurant waitress should be to show that you posses presentation skills, hospitality expertise, customer dealing etiquette, physical strength and interactive skills that are necessary for the position. A positive work attitude and professional work ethics must be reflected in your resume.

Following is an example resume for a restaurant waitress. Feel free to customize this resume per your circumstances.

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Sample Resume for Restaurant Waitress


Nancy Fin

318 Harley Street ♦ Brooklyn, NY 56778 ♦ (906) 333. 5555 ♦ nancy.fin @ email . com

Energetic and people oriented individual with great food presentation skills and 4+ years’ experience in restaurant waitressing. Excellent stamina blended with strong knowhow of marketing and customer care etiquette. Hands-on experience in serving at high volume restaurants during rush hours in a calm and composed manner while meeting service quality deadlines effectively.

• Skilled in serving platters, drinks and beverages while assuring high quality customer care
• Trained in taking and placing orders, answering customer queries in a polite manner and serving the order in an organized manner
• Demonstrated ability to recommend wines and side orders to go with the client’s main courses
• Expert in coordinating and relaying orders between bars and main station to ensure synchronized delivery of orders
• Thorough understanding of general standard practices regarding fine dinning restaurant


Waitress | Teddy’s Bar & grill, Brooklyn, NY | Dec 2008- Present

• Greet the guests at reception and accompany them to the table
• Assist the guests in order setting and place the order at the relevant stations
• Coordinate with stations to ensure simultaneous order delivery
• Serve the ordered food in an organized manner
• Check up on guests while they are enjoying their meal to ensure customer satisfaction
• Providing bill on time and cleaning up the table after customer’s departure

Selected Accomplishments
• Transformed some difficult customers to regular and happy customers via high quality customer care skills
• Delivered superior customer services to many clients belonging to diverse cultures and demonstrated ability to communicate in more than three languages
• Contributed in over all maintenance of quality of food via ensuring constant customer feedback and conveying it to the management

• High quality customer care delivery
• Ability to assist in menu ordering decisions when needed
• Skilled in presentation manner and ensuring order synchronization
• Outgoing, interactive personality
• Multi lingual ability
• Professional, neat and clean appearance

St. Patrick’s High School, Brooklyn, NY
High School Diploma