Medical Secretary Job Overview

A medical secretary’s job carries many responsibilities. As a medical secretary, you will be the first point of contact at a doctor’s office because you will be the person who makes the appointment with the doctor. At a hospital, you will be the only one to deal with worried relatives, so you need to have intelligence and confidence to take initiative and make decisions.

You will also have to handle day to day tasks such as answering the phone, handling faxes going out and coming in, using a scanner and of course a computer. You need to be a fast typist because doctors can’t be bothered going slow when they have a medical emergency to deal with. In addition, a good grammar and excellent verbal and written communication skills are also prerequisite for this position in order to type correspondences and make schedules. But the most important thing you will need to know is an ample knowledge of medical terminology.

Significance of an Objective Statement for a Medical Secretary Resume

While writing your medical secretary resume, it is essential to do lots of research and make sure your resume is a sign of your professional objective, core competencies, relevant experiences and qualifications. Among all sections of your resume, your career objective is the most important because it allows you to clarify you career aspirations and help your resume from falling into the wrong pile. Also, it is a simplest and quickest way to target a specific position and align you core skills with the job requirement.


Sample Objectives for a Medical Secretary Resume

• A competent and trustworthy individual seeking a Medical Secretary position at the Dr. Brown’s clinic. Bringing exceptional secretarial talent and knowledge of medical office procedures in conjunction with perfected organizational abilities to run the operations of office in the most efficient way

• Looking for a Medical Secretary position with the Reagan Hospital utilizing outstanding clerical and front desk skills along with knowledge of medical terminology to coordinate smooth operations of facility

• Seeking a position as a Medical Secretary at the Bay View Clinic using secretarial expertise as well as excellent telephone and customer service skills to contribute to the clinic’s success

• To obtain a Medical Secretary position at the Doctors’ Clinic. Bringing profound organizational skills and a strong medical background to maximize the efficiency of the clinic

• Seeking a position as a Medical Secretary at the Care Children’s Hospital where I may utilize my communication and secretarial skills, and knowledge of medical procedures