Food Service Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: May 23, 2021

A great deal of a food service resume’s (or even a cover letter’s) effectiveness is based on the accomplishments section. What an individual has done to improve business processes, upgrade technologies, increase revenues, reduce costs or increase profits, matters.

Identifying accomplishments can be an arduous task as it is not easy to articulate them. Arduous but imperative.

For every employer, it is necessary to know that a new employee will have something to contribute. And mere skills and education cannot provide that information.

While only a skilled individual can contribute effectively, employers need to know that a candidate can actually use his skills. And he can only know this if he is provided with information on the candidate’s past achievements.

Why is the past so important here?

Well, if you have done something great in the past, it proves that you are capable and can replicate your past accomplishments in the future as well. It is as simple as that!

Contrary to what many people believe, an accomplishment is not a job duty. Accomplishments are things that you have done that have added value to a company. These can be measured. Using percentage and dollar signs are important when writing accomplishments.

Of course, not all achievements can be determined using these but when you write accomplishments on your resume, try to use as many numbers and symbols as possible.

Sample Accomplishments for Food Service Resume

  1. Increased customer base by 55% by incorporating a complete vegetarian section in the existing menu.
  2. Created a separate menu for diet-conscious customers, thereby increasing the regular customer base from 2220 to 3522.
  3. Reorganized the supplies inventory procedure and brought about a 88% increase in pulling information.
  4. Reeled in the services of a local grocer, saving $2500 a month in bulk groceries.
  5. Handled food and beverage services for 3 different events at the restaurant and all progressed without a single problem.
  6. Implemented food safety programs, resulting in increased food preparation knowledge and compliance.
  7. Coined the buzzword “Eatoye”, which is now used as a standard for all you can eat and more within the state is Michigan.
  8. Featured in Restaurants Galore magazine as the most prolific and communicative food service manager in New York.
  9. Held 12 seminars on food hygiene and safety compliance as part of the World Food Safety Program.
  10. Provided training to 44 food service workers in effectively handling food preparation, portioning, and garnishing tasks.
  11. Met 14 foodservice industry standards within 13 months.