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Sample Resume for Restaurant Waitress Job

The position of restaurant waitress is very challenging. In addition to an outgoing personality with excellent customer care skills, this position demands extensive standing and walking for long periods of time. The purpose of your resume as a restaurant waitress is to show that you possess presentation skills, hospitality expertise, customer dealing etiquette, physical strength, and… Read More »

Achievements for a Waitress Resume or CV

Waitresses are usually the face of any foodservice setting because they are sometimes the only individual who interacts with guests throughout their visit. How a waitress conducts herself and manages customers determines the overall image of the establishment. If you are writing a resume for a waitress position, then keep in mind that employers are… Read More »

How to Apply for Waitressing Jobs

Waitresses are usually the first point of contact in a hospitality environment. They may work in hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and the like. They are responsible for providing many customer service activities. Waitresses greet customers, seat them and provide them with menus. They also take orders from customers and relay them to the kitchen. Once… Read More »

Cocktail Waitress Job Duties and Responsibilities

Position Overview A cocktail waitress is not much different from a regular waitress. The only addition is that a cocktail waitress serves cocktails in bars and restaurants. They take orders from customers and serve beverages along with performing the usual duties of a waitress like cleaning tables, ringing up totals and verifying information to ensure… Read More »