Server/Waiter Resume Sample

Updated on: July 30, 2021

A server or waiter resume is the most critical part of the modern job application process. Writing an attractive resume is more important than ever now because online job postings attract hundreds of applicants.

Assuming that you cannot possibly write a resume that will meet the hiring manager’s specific needs is being a little unfair on yourself.

Why would you feel this way?

Two reasons – you are either really not qualified enough or you have no idea how to write a resume. For the latter reason, we can help you.

Resume writing is difficult as you have to be very careful in the information that you provide. The following resume will help you write a server waiter resume:

Sample Resume for Server Waiter Position

Joshua Jackson
7003 Barn Swallow Way, Fairbanks, AK 00089
(000) 142-7474
josh.jack @ email . com

Focused on order accuracy and presentation.
Strong sense of responsibility aimed at delivering on-time orders.

Hardworking and driven hospitality professional with 8+ years’ extensive experience in creating and maintaining an inviting environment for patrons. Exceptionally handles first-tier tasks by providing excellent food service aimed at recurring business opportunities. Well-versed in observing patrons and respond to their needs in a preemptive manner. Special talent for recognizing problems with orders and resolve them immediately.

• Order Taking • Menu Development Support
• Food Combination Advice • Sanitation Standards Maintenance
• Complaint Management • Upselling
• Garnishing • Food Preparation
• Cash Handling • Specialized Diet Food Suggestions
• Order Relay and Delivery • Wine Recommendation


Server / Waiter
Pomelo Dining, Fairbanks, AK
Key Achievements
• Improved order-taking procedures and brought about a 29% efficiency in order delivery time.
• Suggested the addition of a menu section designed for people with gluten allergies, resulting in increased customer interest.
• Created a special menu consisting of food pairings (food items and corresponding beverages), thereby increasing the customer base by 58%.
Key Responsibilities
• Welcome patrons to the restaurant and assist them in finding tables
• Present menus and suggest menu items along with providing information of the day’s specials
• Provide food pairings and wine recommendations in accordance with customers’ particular tastes
• Take and record orders for food and beverage items
• Provide customers with a delivery timeline
• Relay orders to the kitchen staff while ensuring that they are followed up to ascertain on-time delivery
• Instruct servers to pick up orders from the kitchen
• Check prepared orders for portioning accuracy

Restaurant Waiter
Pomelo Dining, Fairbanks, AK
Key Achievements
• Commended for providing suggestions to diet-conscious customers about healthier menu options.
Key Responsibilities
• Serve food and beverages to customers and ask them if they would like anything additional with it.
• Indulge in upselling activities by suggesting additional menu items to customers.
• Assist cashiers in processing cash and credit or debit card payments and ensure that change and receipt is provided to customers.
• Ascertain that the restaurant area is kept clean and maintained at all times, by coordinating the services of the custodial staff.

The Grill House, Fairbanks, AK
Key Responsibilities
• Relayed orders to the kitchen staff and proactively followed up on them.
• Checked orders for accuracy and portioning and handled garnishing activities.
• Carried trays of prepared food to customers’ tables and assisted waiters in serving them.
• Bussed buffet tables and ensured that all dishes were replenished on time.
• Refilled water and beverage glasses on the specific instructions of customers.
• Assisted in cleaning and maintaining restaurant areas such as condiments stations and tables.

Specialized Courses in Food Service
Fairbanks College, Fairbanks, AK – 2005

Current Food Handler’s Certificate