Buffet Waiter Resume Sample & Job Description

Updated on: January 26, 2023

As a buffet waiter, your main duty will be to make sure that buffet tables assigned to you are handled in a proper manner, so that patron satisfaction is guaranteed.

You will be overseeing the buffet table for the entirety of your shift, ensuring that replenishing is done properly and that patrons are satisfied.

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Buffet Waiter Resume Example

Mark Anthony
58 Bile Road SE, Livingston, MT 66531
(000) 025-9532


Customer service-oriented buffet waiter with over 7 years of experience working in the food service industry. Exceptionally talented in handling the requirements of buffet tables, while delivering exceptional customer service. Ability to ensure that assigned buffet tables are properly set. Effectively able to assist patrons in determining dish types, according to their specific tastes.


  • Replenishment
  • Buffet Laying
  • Beverages Handling
  • Patron Liaison
  • Payments Processing
  • Order Taking
  • Complaint Handling
  • Kitchen Liaison
  • Condiments Management
  • Sanitation
  • Catering Support
  • Table Decoration


Buffet Waiter
Sani Resort, Livingston, MT
2013 – Present
• Greet patrons as they arrive at the buffet table, and hand them plates and cutlery.
• Respond to patrons’ questions regarding buffet items, and their ingredients and spice levels.
• Provide patrons with information on available cuisines and respond to any concerns that they might have.
• Oversee the replenishment of food items on the buffet table, ensuring that low availability is not an issue.
• Create and maintain effective liaison with kitchen personnel to ensure delivery of timely food items.
• Set up buffet tables according to specified instructions, making sure that burners and dishes are properly placed.
• Ensure that condiments are made available to patrons and that their beverage requirements are made.
• Oversee the cleaning, and breakdown of buffet tables, at the end of the day, by following established protocols.
Key Achievements
• Simultaneously handled 3 buffet tables, during an instance of exceptionally high-volume patron presence in the restaurant.
• Implemented a system that ensured that kitchen staff members were made aware of replenishing times in a dynamic manner.
• Introduced a core buffet table laying system, which took 50% less time than the one that was being used earlier.
• Suggested decorating buffet tables with plastic flowers and buntings, earning the restaurant much appreciation for aesthetics.

Buffet Server
The Chinese Bling, Livingston, MT
2011 – 2013
• Assisted waiters in taking orders for food and beverage items on the menu.
• Relayed orders to the kitchen area and followed up with them to ensure timely delivery.
• Checked prepared orders to ensure that they are accurate, and properly portioned.
• Served customers their orders in a time-efficient manner, and by following restaurant procedures.
• Assisted in the clearing away and setting of tables, ensuring that proper setup procedures were followed.

High School Diploma
Livingston High School, Livingston, MT

Buffet Waiter Duties & Responsibilities

• Greet patrons as they arrive at the buffet table, and hand them plates so that they can serve themselves.

• Respond to patrons’ questions regarding available food items, their ingredients, and spice levels.

• Assist patrons by serving/pouring food items on their plates and providing them with drinks to complement their food.

• Replenish food items on buffet table dishes, ensuring that low levels of food do not stay consistent.

• Create and maintain effective relationships with kitchen staff members to ensure prompt delivery of food items to the buffet table.

• Set up buffet tables at the beginning of each shift, and ensure that it is broken down at the end of the day.

• Oversee the availability of condiments, ensuring that condiments stations are kept stocked at all times.

• Ensure the cleanliness and sanitization of assigned areas, on a consistent basis.

• Check with patrons to ensure that they are enjoying their meals, and provide them with any additional food or beverage services that they may require.

Position Requirements

To be eligible to work as a buffet waiter, you do not need more than a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. However, some experience in the food service industry is a necessity, as you will be handling a restaurant’s prime asset – customers.

To ensure that you provide the best services, you need to possess some knowledge of catering to patrons, by providing them with food items suggestions and ensuring that they leave happy, and providing repeat business.

In this role, it is imperative that you remain pleasant even in the face of adversity, as you might come across patrons who are not too happy with the restaurant’s services.

A pleasant nature and the ability to handle many tasks at the same time are important for this position. Moreover, you need to know exactly how to bus buffet tables and handle order-taking duties.