6 High End Server Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: June 11, 2022

Interviews do not make selective people nervous.

They make everyone nervous whether they admit it or not.

Appearing for a 10th interview is as nerve-wracking as the 1st one.


Well, look at it this way – your career may depend on how well you ace an interview.

It is not about just winning hearts to obtain one job; your self-confidence is also affected negatively if you do not ace an interview.

So if you are preparing to appear for an interview at a high end restaurant, here are some questions that you will most probably be asked:

High End Server Interview Questions and Answers

1. How is working in a high-end restaurant different from working in a fast-food joint?

The difference is quite huge. Fast food restaurants are busy places with casual atmospheres. While providing good service in any hospitality setting is imperative, doing so in a fine dining restaurant is much more so! Fine dining / high-end restaurants cater to customers who like to enjoy their meals in a calm setting, with servers and waiters providing them with constant attention.

2. What duties have you performed in a server role in a fine dining restaurant?

I have been responsible for relaying orders to the kitchen area, following up on orders, ensuring appropriate portioning of meals, serving meals to patrons, pouring and serving beverages, ensuring that tables are made ready as soon as patrons leave, and other tasks such as cleaning furniture and laying tables.

3. You didn’t mention taking orders. How come?

Usually, fine dining environments don’t require servers to take orders. This is the job of a waiter or host. However, during busy hours or staff shortages, I have also doubled up as a waiter and taken and processed orders.

4. What is one thing that you really concentrate on when serving patrons?

Quality and accuracy of the order are foremost. If these two things are in order, patron satisfaction is a guarantee!

5. Do you ever feel that your work is mundane? How do you cope?

I actually enjoy my work thoroughly and do not feel that it is mundane at all. One gets to meet so many different kinds of people while working in a high-end setting, an experience that one does not really enjoy in many other jobs.

6. What are your work aspirations?

Eventually, I would like to work as a manager of a fine dining restaurant. And to do this, I have already enrolled myself in a distance learning hospitality program that I can finish at my own pace.