Commis Waiter Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: September 12, 2019

Position Overview

Generally an entry-level position, a commis waiter eventually performs all the duties that of a regular waiter.

Commis waiters work under the guidance of head or captain waiters; they are taught the trade and are required to understand the essence and importance of hospitality.


If working in the hospitality industry is what you want to do, you will start as a commis waiter and eventually make your way up to a more experienced one.

In many environments, commis waiters take customers’ orders as part of their training.

However, they are usually required to observe how this is done so that they can perfect it eventually. Commis waiters accompany regular waiters as they take orders while performing other tasks such as filling breadbaskets, replenishing water, and serving appetizers.

Commis waiters gain valuable knowledge regarding the hospitality industry while performing their duties.

Working in this position allows them to understand the importance of customer services and manage the workflow of a restaurant effectively. A major part of a commis waiter’s work is to make sure that the restaurant is clean – they dust and clean tables and counters and also set and reset tables.


Commis Waiter Duties and Responsibilities

• Assist waiters in taking and relaying orders to the kitchen

• Place new table cloths, plates, cutlery and glasses

• Clean and sanitize tables, chairs, and counters

• Prepare and serve bread baskets and condiments

• Fill and refill water glasses or beverages

• Assist waiters in serving food and beverages to customers

• Greet customers and help them by finding tables that are to their liking

• Clean and maintain order trolleys and pedestal tables

• Clean and polish cutleries and handle filling of sugar pots, mustard jars, and toothpick holders

• Maintain a supply of clean linen and paper napkins

• Prepare coffee and tea for orders that require simple recipes

• Serve appetizers and remove appetizer plates to make way for entrees

• Replace or clean ashtrays in smoking areas of the restaurant

• Clean and sanitize restaurant floors and set up “wet floor” signs when appropriate

• Carry food items from the kitchen or bar to the customers

• Clear plates and replace them with fresh ones on nights when the buffet is served

• Clear away all dirty items from customers’ tables and deliver them to the washing area

• Keep the sideboard stocked with fresh plates, cutlery, glasses, napkins, toothpicks, and condiment bottles and jars

• Distribute food checks to the kitchen after ensuring that correct table numbers are mentioned on them

• Assist cashier in creating bills by providing accurate order information