Without the help of maintenance technicians, we would be left with a lot of fancy mechanical and electrical equipment and live in great building structures but no one to make their upkeep a certainty. Maintenance workers primarily perform repair and maintenance work which may include fitting pipes, handling insulation needs of a building and performing some carpentry work as well along with handling and overseeing cleaning activities.

As jacks-of-all-trades, maintenance technicians perform many tasks that are particular to ensuring the preservation of a building. They work in many environments such as hotels, hospitals, schools, universities and office and residential buildings; their work duties remain the same no matter which organization they are working in. Maintenance technicians usually have a team of maintenance workers whom they supervise and ensure that their work is coordinated. It is important to keep the structure of a building in perfect working order at all times which is why maintenance technicians perform investigative duties on an almost daily basis. In apartment buildings, it is the responsibility of a maintenance technician to perform make-ready processes for vacant processes in order to ensure that it is ready for the next tenant.

Below is a list of all the duties that a maintenance technician is expected to perform when working at this position. You can use these phrases to build your resume.

Sample Job Description for Maintenance Technician Resume

• Chart out and implement general and preventative maintenance tasks on buildings and grounds

• Handle installation, repairs, plumbing and electrical issues

• Respond to maintenance requests put forward by residents or staff in terms of electrical, heating and plumbing needs

• Manage repair work on walls, floors, doors and wood work

• Paint interior of the building and inspect and respond to safety issues

• Document findings in terms of needed repairs and performed duties

• Ensure that buildings and grounds are kept free of debris and trash

• Handle maintenance and troubleshooting of mechanical processes

• Ensure that the inside of buildings such as rooms, offices and restrooms are kept clean and sanitized during the day

• Make sure that fire detection and protection systems are in perfect working order

• Check and perform maintenance activities on alarm systems

• Remove graffiti from walls and report any acts of vandalism to the appropriate authorities

• Assure the implementation of security and safety standards

• Alert appropriate authorities of any malfunctions in fire or alarm systems

• Respond to emergency situations in a prompt manner

• Hire and train maintenance workers in order to assign them different maintenance tasks