Maintenance Worker Job Description Sample

Updated on: February 21, 2021
Maintenance Worker Job Description

Maintenance workers are employed by a variety of industries. They are important assets to every organization as they perform cleanliness and maintenance tasks without which a building may not look too appealing to workers and visitors alike.

Since it is a very important thing to ensure the cleanliness of an office or residential building, maintenance workers are hired to perform the many tasks associated with the upkeep of a building.

Maintenance workers are employed in residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, and many other environments.

While some may be hired on a seasonal basis – such as during winters to help with clearing snow – most are hired on a permanent basis.

Maintenance workers do not only clean premises but also look out for possible problems with a building such as repair needs and even help out with renovation or remodeling when the need arises.

It is the duty of maintenance workers to ensure that a building looks clean and maintained at all times. They are also responsible for ensuring that any potential hazards are taken care of and that acts of vandalism are handled properly.

Some employers require that maintenance workers handle grounds maintenance as well although many hire specialized grounds maintenance workers for this purpose.

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If working as a maintenance worker is what interests you, read the following list of duties that a maintenance worker is expected to perform on a regular workday.

Maintenance Worker Duties and Responsibilities

  • Clean debris and dust from the assigned areas
  • Use specialized equipment such as blowers and mowers to perform cleaning duties
  • Perform both major and minor repair work around the building such as repairing locks and installing window blinds
  • Replace broken windows and door locks
  • Remove signs of graffiti from walls and windows
  • Install and repair electrical wiring and replace bulbs and capacitors
  • Ensure that control panels and electric locks are in proper working condition
  • Install television and computer cables
  • Inspect company equipment for possible problems and report findings
  • Take measures to perform maintenance on equipment and tools
  • Perform general maintenance on sanitary and mechanical systems of buildings
  • Collect waste from ashtrays and bins and ensure proper waste management procedures are carried out
  • Assist with construction or remodeling projects
  • Move furniture and equipment upon instruction
  • Maintain the overall condition of the building and grounds
  • Make sure that the grounds are free of leaves or trash
  • Perform inspection of the premises and ensure that any hazardous conditions are immediately taken care of

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