AC Technician Job Description Sample

Updated on: May 13, 2022
Position Overview

AC technicians fall under the broader category of HVAC and repair and maintenance technicians, although their work is more concentrated in one area – air conditioning.

AC technicians are involved in the repair, installation, and maintenance of air conditioners in both commercial and residential settings.

They answer calls from customers wanting to have their air conditioners looked at, repaired, or to have preventative or regular maintenance performed on them.

Education and Skills

It is imperative for AC technicians to possess knowledge of complex air conditioning systems and small air conditioning units as they are required to handle both kinds of work on any given workday.

AC technicians need to be technical or trade school graduates if they want to work in this position.

Additionally, they need to be skilled in electrical works and be knowledgeable of varying mechanical layouts.

Some experience in an HVAC environment will prove useful if you are applying for an AC technician job and if you have dedicated AC repair and maintenance experience, you have a better chance of finding a good job.

Required skills to work as an AC technician include physical agility, customer service, and problem resolution abilities.

If you possess all these along with deep knowledge of air conditioning works, you have a great chance of obtaining the job of your dreams.

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Refer to the list of job duties below for further information on what an AC technician does on a typical workday:

AC Technician Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Respond to calls from customers who needed repair and maintenance on their air conditioners.
• Ask questions to determine the nature of the problem and make mental notes to choose the correct tools to take along.
• Interview customers to determine what their needs are in terms of repair, installation, and maintenance.
• Provide customers with information on how the installation will take place and what materials will be used.
• Write down a list of materials and supplies needed for installation purposes and either purchase them or ask customers to buy them, depending on the contract.
• Install air conditioners in houses and commercial buildings by following standard installation protocols.
• Test installed air conditioners to ensure that they are in proper working condition.
• Repair air conditioning units by performing analysis and troubleshooting activities.
• Perform maintenance activities such as cleaning AC grills and filters on installed air conditioning systems.
• Educate customers on handling AC maintenance on a regular basis by themselves.
• Replace AC systems that are not in a fixable condition.
• Provide customers with information on operating air conditioning systems to derive complete benefit from them.
• Prepare service bills, take payments, and issue receipts.

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