Sponsorship Coordinator Job Description, Duties & Responsibilities

Updated on: November 26, 2021

The main aim of a non-profit organization is to collect funds for its projects.

Fundraising is by no means an easy task which is why these organizations hire specialized sponsorship coordinators to assist them in obtaining grants.

Sponsorship coordinators do not only work for not-for-profit organizations – but they also work for businesses where they are required to get in touch with sponsors in order to attain money to inject into a specific project.

Sponsorship coordinators solicit businesses in order to provide their own company with a required sponsorship.

This may include meeting up with clients, providing them with information on why a certain project needs sponsoring and attempting to convince them of releasing funds.

The work of a sponsorship coordinator is highly challenging; more often than not, they are provided with targets that they have to meet.

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Some major work duties of a sponsorship coordinator include:

Sponsorship Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

• Assess the company’s need for grant or sponsorship needs.

• Develop proposals in order to send to different organizations in order to solicit sponsorships.

• Draft contracts and research corporate projects through different media channels.

• Create and implement plans to attain sponsorships from different grant providers.

• Meet clients and explain to them the need for grants and their eventual benefits.

• Implement sponsorship strategies in order to maximize revenues.

• Ensure appropriate delivery of sponsorship programs at every level of the project.

• Seek new sponsors by taking referrals and searching for different avenues such as the web.

• Handle negotiations with sponsors and ensure that the agreement that has been reached is the closest to the objective of the plan.

• Plan, coordinate, and implement events to bring together possible sponsors.

• Act as a liaison between sponsors and the company.

• Assist managers in order to ensure the efficacy of existing sponsorship programs.

• Ensure that are marketing activities aimed at acquiring and using grants are coordinated properly and are in sync with the program’s directives.

• Ensure that sponsors are integrated into as many aspects of promotional campaigns as possible.

• Ensure the delivery of agreed sponsor benefits successfully.

• Write and file sponsorship reports for the benefit of documentation and review.

• Open fundraising events and ensure coordination of aspects such as ticketing and hospitality.

• Coordinate event guest lists, catering, and entertainment requirements.

• Seek in-kind support from different corporations and foundations.

• Develop appropriate correspondence such as proposals, thank you letters, and program outcome information.

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