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Urgent Care Technician Job Description and Duties for Resume

Urgent Care Technician Job Description The main work of an urgent care technician is to facilitate patients’ flow into the hospital. This is a front-end job that requires an individual to receive patients and perform clerical duties to ensure that they are properly looked after by the facility. To be considered eligible to work as… Read More »

Medication Technician Job Description and Duties for Resume

Medication Technician Job Description A medication tech usually works in a hospital or medical residential capacity, where his or her job is to make sure that all assigned patients or residents take their medication according to set programs. The work may seem straightforward, but in actuality, it requires a lot of responsibility and hard work,… Read More »

Sterile Processing Technician Job Description and Duties for Resume

Sterile Processing Technician Job Description A sterile processing technician’s main work is to make sure that all the instruments and equipment assigned to him or her, are properly cleaned, decontaminated, and sterilized, as per provided instructions. Sterile processing technicians are usually hired by hospitals with dedicated surgical units and are required to ensure that all… Read More »

IT Support Technician Job Description and Duties for Resume

IT Support Technician Job Description What would our lives as novice technology users be if it weren’t for the services of IT support technicians? Very difficult! IT support technicians are specifically hired to handle first contact services for customers and users. They provide users/customers with support by teaching them technical aspects of using information technology… Read More »

Phlebotomy Technician Job Description and Duties

Phlebotomy technicians work with hospitals, standalone laboratories, and blood banks where their main responsibility is to collect, label, and transport blood specimens according to specified instructions provided by physicians. Another aspect of working as a phlebotomy technician is to ensure that patients are provided with information on how their samples will be collected and to… Read More »

Nurse Technician Job Description for Resume

Nurse Technician Position Overview Nurse technicians are hired by hospitals to provide specific personal care to patients. They are usually assigned a unit of patients whom they have to look after during their shift. Looking after will require them to provide assistance with personal needs such as bathing, changing, toileting and washing. But apart from… Read More »

EVS Tech Job Description, Duties, and Tasks

EVS Technician Position Overview and Scope EVS – environmental services technicians – are usually hired by hospitals where cleaning is a constant challenge. They are responsible for the overall cleanliness and sanitization of all areas within the hospital. While there are regular housekeepers to handle this work, the job of an EVS technician is more… Read More »

Information Technology Technician Duties and Responsibilities

In a typical office environment, employees need the support of someone to handle the many technological and computer-related challenges that arise each day. Information technology technicians are hired for this purpose specifically – to help users with their software and hardware operations and issues. These professionals face many challenges every day; from installing hardware and… Read More »

Motorcycle Technician Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

All kinds of vehicles need specialized technicians that perform maintenance and repair tasks. This goes for motorcycle technicians as well who handle a series of repair and maintenance activities on small engines. Motorcycle Technicians usually specialize in two or three-wheeled vehicles such as mopeds and motorcycles; some motorcycle technicians are trained in handling bikes only. If… Read More »

Maintenance Technician Job Description for Resume

Maintenance Technician Job Description Without the help of maintenance technicians, we would be left with a lot of fancy mechanical and electrical equipment and live in great building structures but no one to make their upkeep a certainty. Maintenance workers primarily perform repair and maintenance work which may include fitting pipes, handling insulation needs of… Read More »