Facilities Maintenance Technician Job Description

Updated on: August 4, 2016

Have you just been offered a facilities maintenance technician job? Bravo! You may be great at what you do – and that is why you were chosen – but don’t you think that you should go through a list of duties just to make sure that you are on the same page as your new employer? Good idea? Let us help you!

Position Overview

A facilities maintenance technician is usually hired at a supervisory position, where he looks over the work of other maintenance technicians. Depending on the type of organization that they work for, they may be required to handle technician scheduling duties and to contact vendors to ensure that supplies and maintenance equipment are delivered on time.

Typically, facilities maintenance technicians handle a lot of technical troubleshooting and resolution work. This work is slightly more detailed than that of a regular maintenance technician. At this position, you will have to possess deep insight into how HVAC systems work and how electrical wires are installed and repaired. You may also be required to handle carpentry and plumbing work at times.

Educational Requirements

A high school diploma or a GED is usually sufficient to be eligible for a position as a facilities maintenance technician. If you possess leadership qualities, you may actually be a great candidate and one that is hard to refuse!

Facilities Maintenance Technician Duties and Responsibilities

• Inspect designated buildings to determine need for maintenance and repair
• Determine if installed systems such as HVAC, electrical and plumbing are in good working order
• Detect malfunctions and create and implement plans to meet resolve them
• Handle troubleshooting and repairing duties across a broad spectrum of facilities
• Indulge in minor electrical work such as replacement or repair of fixtures, including switches and outlets
• Perform minor plumbing activities, including drain leakages and trenching
• Assist in performing painting, masonry and carpentry work in accordance to established procedures
• Reconfigure, install and remount modular offices and space including furniture, work surfaces and wall panels
• Prepare work services and ensure that they are painted and buffed according to specific instructions provides
• Install and set security and fire alarm systems and ensure that they are in constant working order
• Handle any malfunctions or tampering by following designated official procedures
• Create and maintain liaison with vendors and supplies to ensure constant and consistent supply of materials and equipment
• Perform regular and preventative maintenance on facilities systems to ensure that they do not malfunction mid-process