Front desk personnel including clerks or officers provide valuable first contact services to customers, visitors or guests. Since they are the first people customers meet as they enter an organization, they are required to be friendly, professional and pleasant. The ability to provide company information is a given in this role; a front desk representative needs to know what to say and how much information to give out to customers or visitors.

There are many settings in which a front desk representative may work including hotels, hospitals, banks, spas and businesses. Although the essence of their work remains the same no matter what type of company they are working in, some duties may be particular to the industry that they are a part of. For instance, a front desk clerk working in a hospital may be responsible for providing information regarding hospital services and procedures along with assisting patients with registration procedures. Similarly, a front desk officer working in a hotel will be responsible for providing information about room availability and pricing along with managing guests’ registration processes.

Sample Job Description for Front Desk Resume

The job of a front desk representative is multifaceted and is focused on providing quality tier-one services. Some more duties that are part of the work of people at this position include:

• Greet customers or visitors and provide appropriate information
• Receive telephone calls and direct them to the appropriate recipient
• Direct general public or visitors to the correct department or concerned person
• Pick up mail and ensure it is delivered to the right recipient
• Make preparations for meetings and seminars
• Check-in and check-out guests (in a hotel environment)
• Provide appropriate room availability and pricing information (in a hotel environment)
• Assist with customer or patient registration processes
• Explain company services and procedures
• Manage all items displayed on shift checklist
• Maintain daily forms and logs
• Arrange transportation for guests or company staff
• Manage wake-up calls for guests (in a hotel environment)
• Ensure that inventory of supplies is handled carefully
• Liaison with vendors to ensure constant supply of office materials
• Assist marketing and administration departments with projects when required
• Arrange for the storage of incoming packages and mail
• Effectively deal with complaints by attempting to resolve them or forwarding them to the right manager
• Take reservation requests over the telephone or in person (in a hotel environment)
• Ensure that the front desk and surrounding areas are clean at all times