6 Paraprofessional Resume Objective Examples

Updated October 5, 2021
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More commonly known as teachers’ assistants, paraprofessionals have much to contribute to an educational system.

Their work is more prevalent in preschools and special education schools where children are more demanding regarding attention. They work under the direct supervision of lead teachers.

If you have completed your teacher training, you are eligible for a paraprofessional position.

When preparing your resume to apply for a job in this regard, you must ensure that your resume objective is enticing enough for an employer to call you for an interview.

The following resume objective examples will help you when building your resume.

Sample Objectives for Paraprofessional Resume

1. Results-driven Paraprofessional with a solid track record of managing diverse children in the classroom. Looking for a position with Sandy Bay School, utilizing my expertise in collaborating and cooperating with the lead teacher to facilitate student achievement using School’s curriculum.

2. Seeking a position as a Paraprofessional at Coriolanus Elementary School using excellent knowledge of imparting instruction in a support role to maintain a positive classroom environment.

3. Looking for a position as a Paraprofessional with Branford Public Schools employing knowledge of monitoring student behavior to keep them on task.

4. A Paraprofessional position with Rapid City to leverage my strong classroom management skills, as well as the ability to disciplines students in compliance with the student code of conduct.

5. To work as a Paraprofessional at Catapult Learning. Bringing solid skills in clerical, classroom maintenance, and instruction duties to achieve the highest standards of education.

6. Compassionate and sympathetic paraprofessional with a passion to work with developmentally challenged students. Eager to work for ABC School to assist lead teachers in devising strategies and reinforcing learning materials and skills.

Paraprofessional Duties and Responsibilities

Paraprofessionals are required to perform many duties which might be primary or supplementary.

They work closely with teachers by assisting them in formulating curriculum and instructional programs and also ensure the effective execution of instructions. They also perform clerical and secretarial work.

While lead teachers perform classroom instruction, paraprofessionals reinforce the concepts learned in class. They work with individual students and groups and usually serve as a chief source of information for them.

Paraprofessionals also aid teachers by grading papers and formulating exams. They are also expected to assist students during lunch breaks and with on-campus activities and field trips. In many educational institutes, specifically preschools, paraprofessionals are required to help students with toileting and clothing routines.

Another important aspect of a paraprofessional’s job is to manage student behavior in class. They also handle the work of a lead teacher when she is absent and ensure that all students are looked after professionally especially while the teacher is away.

In elementary and high schools, paraprofessionals are expected to assist students with assignments and lab work as well.