Substitute Paraprofessional Resume Sample

Updated on: April 11, 2022

A substitute paraprofessional resume should be professionally written, formatted, and worded.

Use logical bullet phrases and attractive section headings to make it more effective.

Typical sections of a resume include an objective/summary, core skills and competencies, relevant achievements, work experience, and education.

The following sample resume for substitute paraprofessional will help you understand the format and sections of an effective resume.

Substitute Paraprofessional Resume Example

Catherine Twain
82 Foxcroft Circle
Muskogee, OK 71824
(000) 343-3432
Catherine @ email . com

Substitute Paraprofessional

Top-performing educational assistant with a sound background in managing students and the classroom while imparting instruction effectively. Demonstrated strong behavior management skills along with exceptional communication and listening abilities. Documented success in reinforcing behavior through the use of positive conduct management techniques.

• Well-versed in aiding speech therapists, physical therapists, and adaptive physical education providers during instructional procedures
• Adept at guiding and assisting students in transitioning from one activity to another both individually and in groups
• Special talent for teaching students in the areas of recreation, vocation, socialization, and communication

Behavior management | Instruction assistance
Discipline enforcement | Special needs handling
Lesson reinforcement | Classroom observation
Respect for values | Positive role modeling

• Contributed highly to the implementation of a particularly challenging curriculum in the absence of a paraprofessional.
• Saved a 5-year-old from choking on a piece of food by employing fast and accurate first aid knowledge.
• Introduced the concept of “online materials resourcing”, reducing the cost of ordering the same by 50%.


Substitute Paraprofessional
Windsor Public Schools, Muskogee, OK
• Stay on alert for possible substitution duties by maintaining knowledge of all probable assignments.
• Assist lead teachers in carrying out the work of a paraprofessional by first understanding curriculum and class instruction procedures.
• Impart instruction under the supervision of the lead teacher by following set protocols and rules.
• Create a classroom environment conducive to learning and appropriate to the interest and maturity level of each student.
• Encourage students to take part in the class activities and provide assistance if they get stuck.
• Ensure the safety of students under supervision.
• Observe students for behavior problems and report any disconcerting findings to the lead teacher.
• Assist the lead teacher in creating reports and documenting lessons.

In-Home Tutor
The Tiny Ones, Muskogee, OK
• Assisted individual students and student groups in understanding complex concepts.
• Provided help with homework assignments and annual essays.
• Motivated students to succeed in their academic endeavors.
• Handled each student’s varying educational needs according to his / her abilities and interests.

Associate’s Degree in Education