Substitute Paraprofessional Job Description for Resume

Updated on: May 10, 2022

The job description is an essential section of every vacancy announcement and candidates also need to include a summary of the job description in their resume’s experience section to communicate the nature of their previous employment to the prospective employers.

In simple words, a job description is a summary of the job, but there is more to it. Job descriptions set the tone for the position being advertised and serve as sample duties the successful candidate will be performing.

Employers must write job descriptions after a lot of thinking and consideration and make sure that all aspects of the role being advertised are clearly communicated.

Remember, only an effective job description will attract the right kind of candidates.

A well-written job description is concise, to the point, and very clear.

It is advisable to write a job description using short bullet points with the aim of communicating the role expectations categorically, clearly, and one at a time.

Candidates must get a very clear idea about what the prospective employers expect from the ideal candidate and what kind of work the successful candidate will be doing in the role at hand on day to day basis.

Below is a list of duties and responsibilities for a substitute paraprofessional resume.

Job Description for Substitute Paraprofessional Resume

• Assist the teacher in classroom activities while catering to the emotional, psychological, social, and cognitive needs of physically or mentally disabled students.
• Provide one-to-one tutoring and reinforce daily lessons in small groups.
• Identify weak areas of students and develop individualized lesson plans accordingly.
• Supervise the children during play and lunchtime.
• Inculcate strong moral and social values among the students to make them responsible citizens.
• Facilitate the teacher in conducting various classroom activities.
• Maintain all teaching aids in an organized manner.
• Devise need-based AV aids to facilitate the teaching process.
• Assess multiple instructional strategies for effectiveness and change the teaching methodology as per requirement.
• Carefully record and gauge each student’s progress and discuss the same regularly with teachers and parents.
• Encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities and boost their confidence in all possible ways.
• Communicate home assignments clearly, and mark homework and test papers.
• Assist students in completing classroom assignments.
• Maintain daily attendance and early departure records.
• Discuss individual cases of individual needs and interests with teachers and parents of the student.
• Develop and implement targeted instructional strategies to cater to the particular needs of each student.
• Observe students’ behavior at playtime and chalk out a behavioral intervention plan to address any inappropriate, violent or disruptive behavior.
• Operate adaptive technological equipment single-handedly.
• Maintain complete confidentiality of student data.
• Aid physical, speech, and rehabilitative therapists in their sessions and encourage the student to cooperate with them.