Teacher Letter of Interest Sample

Updated on: July 19, 2019

A teacher would write a letter of interest to an institute to inquire for a future opening or simply because s/he specifically wants to work for an organization.

This interest may stem from any source – the school may be a good paymaster or the work may be more interesting than where she is presently working.


A letter of interest is written primarily to proclaim an interest in a teaching job and to offer one’s services for it.

Letters of interest have much in common with standard cover letters for a teaching position.

The only difference being the fact that they are not in response to a particular job advertisement.

These letters gauge if there may be a possible position by shooting an arrow in the dark.


Oddly enough, letters of interest have high success rates so writing one is a good idea even if there isn’t a vacancy, as your resume will be kept for a future one.


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Teacher Letter of Interest Sample


Mulan Yeti
(000) 777-7777

July 19, 2019

Ms. Kristen Dunst
Blueberry Primary School
2102 Hampton Road
West Fargo, ND 21920


Dear Ms. Dunst:

I have been following the progress of three primary schools for the International Degree Program (IDP), Blueberry Primary School is one of them. It has come to my notice that your school has been approved for the Primary Years Program for IDP and I would like to inquire about a possible teaching position.

For the previous seven months, I have been involved in a teacher training program (courtesy St. James Academy) where I have learned the ins and outs of IDP. I believe that this training has instilled in me the ability to create and implement curriculums and lesson plans that conform to international standards. The world of education is changing rapidly, and I would like to work with you to embrace this change and stand at the top of the academic arena.

As you will see from the enclosed credentials, I am a certified primary school teacher. Once I have been awarded my certification in IDP (in 2 weeks’ time), I will have specialized in handling primary school programs at your school as well. My resume details ten years of teaching experience which, when coupled with my certification, can become a potent combination of knowledge and expertise.

I anticipate a meeting with you soon so that we can discuss the possibility of my joining Blueberry Primary School in detail. I am available at (000) 777-7777 if you need to speak to me.

Thank you very much for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sincere regards,


Mulan Yeti

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