Second Grade Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 1, 2019

Capitalizing on your status as a nurturing teaching individual in a cover letter can make it easy for you to get to the interview stage.

Fleshing out a professional branding statement that recognizes skills and benefits you can bring to an employer, can make him feel like it is his lucky day!


This is especially true if you are applying for a position through which you have the opportunity to reach out to hundreds of students and make a positive difference in their lives. Who wouldn’t want to hire you?

Crafting your personal branding system, however, can make you sit for hours, thinking about what you are worth.

But that is nothing to complain about. The hours that you spend developing a branding statement are going to get you years of work that you have been aspiring for.

There are some things that you need to look out for when creating a branding statement.


To claim that you are the best teacher in the world is considered bragging. But backing it up with teacher’s awards and developmental accomplishments is – drum roll – branding! The point here is that whatever you state in your cover letter, must be backed up by some kind of informational support.

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Here is a sample cover letter written along these lines:


Second Grade Teacher Cover Letter Sample



Jennifer Collins
978 New South Street, Woodbridge, VA 82111
(000) 999-9999
jennifer @ email . com

November 1, 2019

Mrs. Wendy Hoose
Meyer Park Primary School
82 Christopher Road
Woodbridge, VA 82839


Dear Mrs. Hoose:

With a great ability to make mundane concepts rewarding for students, I would like to offer my services for a second-grade teacher a Meyer Park Primary School. As a dedicated educator, I stimulate curiosity and make learning both fun and approachable. Once you have skimmed through my resume, you will discover that I am capable of implementing unique teaching techniques that successfully address individualized learning variables.

With the firm belief that children need to be transformed as the future of our country, I have spent the last decade providing dedicated academic, social and emotional instruction to my students. Please refer to some of my accomplishments as a teacher:

• Singlehandedly implemented the PYP (Primary Years Program), the future of international education.

• Decreased student drop-out rate by 50% by employing creative and interesting ways of lesson instruction.

• Increased student interest in book reading by 60%, through effective circle time and library groups.

• Integrated a special needs program for students diagnosed with autism within the regular curriculum so that affected students are not isolated.

With these achievements lending credit to my teaching abilities, I want to become a part of Meyer Park Primary School’s teaching team. If you are looking for a teacher who can promote students’ creativity and boost confidence, we need to talk. I will be in touch with your office regarding a possible meeting time. If you need to contact me, I am available at (000) 999-9999.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.




Jennifer Collins