Construction Worker Skills List for Resume

Updated on: May 4, 2021

The skills section on a resume for the position of a construction worker needs to be very strong.

Since construction workers bank highly on their skills, it is essential for them to make their skills evident in the resume.

Construction workers do not work on their own, so they need to be able to get along with other people in addition to possessing exceptional knowledge of construction practices and concepts.

This information must be highlighted on their resumes if they want a chance to be called for an interview.

Construction workers will need to focus on their skills in three areas – physical agility, metal calculations, and knowledge of equipment and tools.

A construction worker writing his resume must make sure that skills in these areas are emphasized so that it makes it easier for a prospective employer to make hiring decisions.

You might want to mention your knowledge of refrigeration work, tools and machinery, and heating installation so that a prospective employer knows that he will eventually hire a professional.

The key to a successful resume is mention of words and phrases that are sure to pique interest. In the skills section of a resume, you have quite some leeway as far as information is concerned, so do not be shy in mentioning your worth.

You can pick relevant skills from the construction worker skills list provided below for your resume:

Sample Skills List for Construction Worker Resume

• Performing concrete, electrical, and maintenance work following OSHA standards
• Bricklaying, trenching, roofing, and sheet metal work depending on specifications provided by individual contractors
• Performing construction work using a variety of tools and equipment particular to construction specifications and layouts
• Reading and interpreting advanced blueprints in a bid to understand the expected design and layout of the project
• Knowledge of Building inspection codes and standards and fulfilling corresponding requirements
• Superb eye-hand coordination along with a keen understanding of interpreting floor plans and taking accurate measurements
• Properly and safely positioning, joining aligning and sealing pipe sections by following best construction practices
• Operating hydraulic cranes in large construction areas in a safe manner, following set construction rules
• Physical dexterity aimed at lifting and carrying materials and equipment weighing up to 55lbs
• Installing windows and doors according to specifications laid out in master construction plans
• Measuring and recording distances to layout areas in a bid to make construction work possible
• Erecting structures and handling demolition work by following safety procedures
• Mixing concrete and cement in prescribed consistencies and pouring them in a safe and accurate manner
• Operating jackhammers and drills to break up concrete and pavement and place, consolidate and protect cast-in-place masonry structures
• Cleaning and preparing construction sites by removing debris and hazardous materials
• Ensuring that constructional materials are properly loaded and unloaded from delivery trucks
• Controlling traffic by erecting traffic cones and signaling vehicles toward diverted routes
• Performing physically taxing work such as digging ditches and trenches using shovels and picks
• Carefully demolishing structures by using allowed explosives in a safe manner

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