Summer School Teaching Letter of Interest Sample

Updated on: October 20, 2021

Showing your interest in a Summer School Teaching job is best done through a letter of interest.

A letter of interest is a cover letter that holds information about an individual’s interest in working for a summer camp.

When writing a letter of interest, one has to make sure that it is to the point and highlights teaching skills.

Similar to cover letters, this letter accompanies a resume and serves to provide credence to it.

It is a cold call letter that is often used when an individual wants to express an interest in a future opening.

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The following sample letter of interest or intent for the summer school teaching position will provide you with an idea of what to write in one.

Summer School Teaching Letter of Interest Sample

Kimberly McNeal
910 Rutgers Street, Maplewood, NJ 63012
(000) 986-5241

October 20, 2021

Mr. Donald Hall
Tutor Time Learning Center
80 Spruce Mill Avenue
Maplewood, NJ 70112

Dear Mr. Hall:

How big is that gap between what school wants from a teacher and what a teacher delivers to students on time?

If you would like to reduce that gap, you should consider adding me to your team in the capacity of a summer teacher.

Having recently obtained a teacher training certificate from St. James Academy, I exhibit many qualities that add up to being an excellent teacher.

During the span of my teacher training, I received the Faculty Excellence Award, which goes to demonstrate my academic success in educational psychology and instructional methodology. I believe that the diversity of a summer school will be a great workplace for someone with my academic background.

As part of my academic initiative, I have recently put into place an individualized reading program that has earned much acclaim in Maplewood. I am confident that I will be the right choice for any remedial or activity-based summer programs that your school may be offering.

I would like to be registered with your office in case a summer school teaching vacancy should occur. My resume is enclosed with this letter and will serve to provide you with a detailed account of my achievements and capabilities. I look forward to meeting with you in person so that we can discuss the possibility of my joining Tutor Time Learning Center.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kimberly McNeal

(Enc: Resume)

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