3rd Grade Teacher Resume Example

Updated on: May 11, 2022

A 3rd Grade Teacher’s primary responsibility is to develop an appropriate curriculum and a favorable classroom environment to ensure personal and educational growth.

If you are planning to apply for a job in this capacity, here is a sample resume for the 3rd-grade teacher position that you can use when preparing your job application.

Sample Resume for 3rd Grade Teacher Position

Karla Dredge
66 Franklin Street, Elmont, NY 55343
(000) 999-9419


• Over 13 years of experience working as a teacher for third and fourth graders
• Highly skilled in creating flexible elementary grade programs and classroom environment fit for learning
• Hands-on experience in instilling strong moral codes in students through unorthodox teaching practices
• In-depth knowledge of grade-appropriate curriculum development and implementation

• Successful track record with English language learners
• Demonstrated the passion for working with children
• Excellent teaching abilities
• Ability to manage students of diverse backgrounds
• Excellent written and spoken English

• Introduced and implemented IQ appropriate student programs for elementary school students.
• Streamlined existing curriculum implementation by ensuring required changes to the conventional ways of teaching.
• Diagnosed the learning capabilities of students on a regular basis, improved result by 30%.


Pine Hill School – Elmont, NY
2017 – Present
• Teach all subjects to 3rd and 4th graders including language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, and arts
• Assist students with reading activities
• Develop lesson plans and instructional materials and resources
• Counsel with students, and parents on a regular basis

Teacher (3rd Grade)
Elmont Elementary School – Elmont, NY
2005 – 2017
• Trained a number of instructional assistants and volunteers
• Maintained standards for student behavior
• Developed and implemented integrated curriculum units
• Worked with both students and families to ensure personal and educational growth

Bachelor of Arts in Education
Major: Elementary Education
Elmont City College, Elmont, NY | 2004

Middle Childhood-Adolescence

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